Fantastic Fraulein Mumor 2 ♥ Superheroine Stage Show

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Fantastic Fraulein Mumor 2♥Superheroine Stage Show

More grace, more charm…more Mumor!

"Hi everyone! My name's Mumor!
How are you all? I've been feeling just fantastic, thank you! My live performance at this year's Sunbreeze Festival is about to begin, you see. All the fans have already begun lining up and—huh? Where in the world did everyone go…?

What's with the commotion over there? A crowd of people seems to have gathered.
But…something doesn't smell right here…"

This summer, a fearsome new menace has come to wreak havoc on festivals and smiles of happiness—the very things our winsome superheroine, Fantastic Fraulein Mumor, has sworn to protect. Only with your spirited show of support can Mumor hope to prevail in her latest battle against evil!
All together now: "Shining Summer Samba!!!"



A long, long time ago, a lone meteor came hurtling through the heavens, finally coming to rest in a long forgotten corner of Vana’diel. From the core of this extraterrestrial rock emerged a being of pure evil: the self-proclaimed demon king, Ullegore. With unrelenting singleness of mind, Ullegore set forth to instigate his diabolical plot to sow the seeds of boredom the world over, finding festivals—the predominant source of fun and excitement in the realm of mortals—as the preferred targets for his insatiable thirst for tedium.

However, the arrival of this entity of darkness did not escape the notice of Professor Sarmoega, genius inventor and head of the Research Institute for Paranormal Phenomenon (RIPP). Realizing the dire implication of Ullegore’s appearance, the professor made it his life’s mission to prepare his only daughter, Mumor, to become she who would restore smiles and laughter to the world in its hour of need. As years of intensive training went by, this unlikely savior of Vana’diel matured to be known and loved by her fans as “Fantastic Fraulein Mumor,” the superpower-imbued defender of all that is good and fun.

Last year’s Sunbreeze Festival saw the two nemeses, Mumor and Ullegore, finally come face to face in an epic battle that will forever have a place in Vana’diel’s history books.

Despite having conceded the upper hand to her demonic adversary early in the encounter, with sheer tenacity and the power of her fan-fueled super-ability, the Dancing Force, in full swing, Mumor succeeded in banishing the demon king back to his rancorous realm…or so it was thought.

This summer, a fearsome new menace—the mysterious Mithra, Uka—has arrived to threaten the very existence of the Sunbreeze Festival. With the stakes so high, will Fantastic Fraulein Mumor be able to again stay the hand of evil and keep all the things she has sworn to protect safe from harm?

You, too, have a decisive role to play in this battle of fun versus boredom!
All together now: “Shining Summer Samba!!!”


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