Empire's Most Wanted 2

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Even among the beastmen, the creatures listed below are especially notorious for their crimes against the Empire. All competent mercenaries and adventurers are encouraged to aid in their elimination.


In recent months, numerous reports from mercenaries infiltrating the Troll stronghold of Halvung have indicated the presence of a sinister-looking three-headed canine of cyclopean proportions. Those who have mustered the courage to challenge the hell-spawned daemon in mortal combat tell spine-tingling tales of an impenetrable sable hide, and rows of armor-piercing jaws dripping endlessly with the blood and bile of countless victims…

Intelligence has also gathered that this creature might actually be the hunting dog of Troll mercenary captain Gurfurlur. If this is true, then it may not be long before the savages deploy it during one of their raids on Al Zahbi. We ask that all able-bodied mercenaries take up arms against this threat to the empire.

Recently, the lone survivor of a missing volunteer unit returned to Al Zahbi with an unbelievable story of a three-headed dragon that attacked his companions while they were on a mission deep within the Wajoam Woodlands. Though they fought gallantly, their mauls and magicks were no match for the Tartarean wyrm’s thick, squamous hide, and it was only a matter of moments before the mephitic miasma that poured from its gaping maws scorched the lungs of the ill-fated warriors.

While ancient tomes indicate that the Hydra is an independent beast that roams the outlands of its own will, the interrogation of a Mamool Ja spy revealed that the reptilian horde has been attempting to tame the dragon by luring it to their training grounds with the raw flesh of their prisoners. If they are successful in soothing the savage beast, they may soon learn a way to utilize it in battle, thus spelling doom for the Empire’s armies. All high-level mercenaries are recommended to enroll immediately in eradication expeditions.

Travelers to Halvung and Hediva Isle have brought back with them strange tales of a hideous beast roaming the volcanic terrain. However, the differing reports have Imperial schoolmen scratching their heads in disbelief. Some adventurers speak of the twisted horn of a giant ram, while others the golden mane of a lion. Still others speak of a pair of undersized bat-like wings or a spiked reptilian tail imbued with deadly venom. One crazed old man even mumbled of a deep violet hide, not unlike that of the dreaded behemoth.

Until more information can be gathered on the abhorration, the Empire has bestowed upon it the name Khimaira, and is actively searching for mercenaries who might be willing to hunt down this elusive beast.

Finally, the Empire would like to address the rumors that the Khimaira is in fact a byproduct of a secret Imperial bioweapon engineering program. These accusations have no basis, and any person(s) caught spreading these malicious falsities may be tried under Imperial laws of treason.

Officer Shazarsh,
Imperial Military Relations

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