Drake's Misfortune

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An alchemically enhanced biological weapon prototype spawned deep within the bowels of the Amalj'aa stronghold of Pagl'than, Zanig'oh is far more dangerous than its scalekin cousins in the wild, or even those drakes trained for war by the beast tribe, and therefore has been deemed an imminent threat to the royal sultanate of Ul'dah. Spikes affixed to its four legs keep the creature in constant pain, multiplying its ferocity on the battlefield, while powerful wards branded into its already-thick scales serve to further increase its resistance to even the most potent of magicks.

Operation: Bloody Scales


The past moons have seen a significant rise in the number of armored caravans being laid to waste by some terrible, unidentified foe. According to intelligence gathered by agents of the Horn and Hand, most of the bodies found among the wreckage have been inflicted with a profuse number of bites, cuts, and burns akin to those found on victims of drake attacks. Some of the victims, however, exhibit bane-sores of a differing variety — these coming from what appear to be swords or spears. This has led the Brotherhood of the Broken Blade to believe that these unfortunate incidents are not merely random attacks by wild creatures, but precisely orchestrated assaults by the Amalj'aa to disrupt the flow of goods into Ul'dah. Brave volunteers are sought to embark on a mission to prove once and for all that the desert tribe is behind the attacks.

Levequest Location
Broken Water

Those who are successful in slaying Zanig'oh will be rewarded with a special item known as an Allagan runestone. There are a dozen in all, each representing one of the twelve deities who watch over the peoples of Eorzea. Rumor has that in Ul'dah resides a young trader named Rowena who seeks these rare stones and is offering pieces of finely crafted equipment in exchange.

The following is an example of some of the items available for barter:

Buccaneer Attire

These fashionable accouterments crafted from lightweight, water-resistant materials are the perfect accent to the active lifestyle of today's modern swashbuckler.

Favors: Disciples of War Optimal Rank: 47 Runestone Required
nms_buccaneerattire.jpg Buccaneer's Tricorne
o Defense 53
o Magic Defense 68
o Evasion 18
o Resilience 61
o HP: +24
o INT: +3
o Elemental Resistances: +24
Allagan Runestone - Azeyma
Buccaneer's Shirt
o Defense 85
o Magic Defense 80
o Evasion 35
o Resilience 50
o MND: +1
o PIE: +2
o Gathering: +18
o Craftsmanship: +20
o Elemental Resistances: +33
Allagan Runestone - Althyk
Buccaneer's Boots
Defense 36
Magic Defense 59
Evasion 36
Resilience 47
DEX: +1
o Elemental Resistances: +15
o Magic Defense 59
o Evasion 36
o Resilience 47
o DEX: +1
o Elemental Resistances: +15
Allagan Runestone - Menphina
Buccaneer's Sash
o Defense 17
o Magic Defense 17
o Evasion 8
o Resilience 17
o Perception: +14
o Elemental Resistances: +6
Allagan Runestone - Thaliak
  • The aforementioned items are still under development and may change before the time of their release.

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