Celestial Nights - Love Lights the World

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Once upon a time, the prince and princess of two rival nations on opposing sides of a great river fell in forbidden love. Neither the enmity between their countries nor the vast body of water that separated them could extinguish their feelings for one other. But their story would end prematurely, and in tragedy.

Thus was born the tradition of Celestial Nights—a time when the people of Vana'diel come together in the shared hope of rejoining the royal couple in their celestial realm.

Under the auspices of the Mog House Management Union (MHMU), the event has matured to become a perennial favorite among the citizens. But much to the moogles' dismay, the standing ovations scheduled for last year's event did not come to pass as anticipated. What was intended to be rivulets of tears streaming down the faces of toughened critics turned into a deluge of derision-laden disdain. Consequently, moogle reputation for competence in the field of entertainment production plummeted to a historic low.

The fault lies neither with the script nor stage direction, but the flawed casting process…or so the organizers claim. Determined to make up for last year's humiliating outcome, the MHMU has sanctioned the running of another open-air theater event in the same vein as the last.

How will this bold second attempt be received by critics and the public?
Will it avenge the failures of the past and restore critical acclaim to mooglekind?
Or will it prove to be a commercial flop, as most sequels are wont to do?
As has become tradition, the MHMU is yet again relying on the kindness of adventurers to see it through this latest of darkest hours!


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