Celestial Nights - Faithfulness Under Fire

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Kupulele: Kupeliont! Kupold! Come help me hand out these flyers for the Celestial Nights event already, kupo!

Kupeliont: You produced flyers for Celestial Nights?
Splendid! May I have the honor of examining them, kupo?

"The most romantic time of year—Celestial Nights—will soon be here. As a tribute to the timeless tale of love and tragedy between Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina, Their Royal Highnesses will descend upon each of the three nations for a promenade of princely proportion. Come one, come all, to witness and be inspired by this rare romantic reunion between the royal couple of legend…"

Kupold: A romantic reunion, kupo!? But, what's this story with the prince and princess about?

Kupulele: You don't know the story? And you call yourself a MHMU moogle!? I guess I'll just have to educate you. Here's a succinctly summarized synopsis, kupo:
“Once upon a time, the prince and princess of two rival nations on opposing sides of a great river fell in forbidden love. Neither the enmity between their countries nor the vast body of water that separated them could extinguish their feelings for one other. But their union was not to be. Their tragic deaths united the citizens of the two warring states, and thereafter, peace would reign for all time…”
Truly a tear-jerking tale of tragedy that transcends time, kupo!

Kupold: A romantic tale starring a drop-dead gorgeous princess!? Now that's my kind of story, kupo!

Kupeliont: I gather that the six actors and actresses selected in the recent auditions will assume the roles of the prince and princess, kupo?

Kupulele: You guessed it! But unfortunately, things haven't been going as smoothly as hoped. An unexpected obstacle has been plaguing rehearsal, leaving our princes and princesses unable to focus on their roles, kupo…

Kupold: What's the obstacle, Kupulele?

Kupulele: You see, the three actors chosen to play the prince are good-looking to a fault. They can't even take a simple stroll down the street without being swarmed by luscious ladies vying for their undivided attention, kupo. If this were to happen during the actual event, it would be downright disastrous! Could you imagine how positively peeved the actresses playing the princess's role would be, kupo?

Kupeliont: The fated relationship between Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina coming to an abrupt end due to the prince's public display of fickleness… Such an outrageous outcome is absolutely unimaginable for Celestial Nights! This must be avoided at all costs, kupo!

Kupold: Swarmed by luscious ladies… So unfair… <Sigh>

Kupulele: What was that?

Kupold: A-ahem! There is only one solution to our problem, kupo! Should the unspeakable occur, I, Kupold, shall personally come to the event's rescue by taking over the role of Prince Yahiko and—

Kupulele: S-stop it! You're seriously…creeping me out, kupo!

Kupeliont: Although I am utterly convinced of your honorable intent, Kupold, somehow I do not think a Prince Yahiko with a bulbous red nose will be well received by the public, no matter how fetching his little purple wings may be.

Kupold: I-I was, uh, just throwing some ideas around. But wait a minute…
What if we get adventurers to help us, kupo? They could distract vivacious vixens who try to pull off moves on the prince!

Kupulele: Hmph! Why are you always so quick to rely on adventurers?

Kupeliont: No, I must admit to seeing merit in Kupold's suggestion. In addition to diversionary tactics, adventurers could aid our cause by providing emotional support to the actresses playing the princess, kupo. We wouldn't want any distressed damsels bailing out of their roles halfway through the event now, would we?

Kupulele: Hmm… But, what do we do if the actors in the prince's role are hopelessly hypnotized by bewitching beauties and try to steal away, kupo?

Kupold: Difficult situations require decisive measures. In such a case, I don't see why adventurers can't simply slap some sense back into the potentially promiscuous prince, kupo!

Kupulele: I suppose you're right…
I just can't help but feel as though this year's event is going to transform into something completely different from the original plan, kupo.

Kupeliont: While I understand your concern, unfortunately, the options available to us are few. Let us run with the show, kupo.

Kupold: So it's settled, kupo!
The first thing we need to do, then, is make a new flyer—one with a message that'll tug at the heartstrings of all the adventurers out there!
<Scribble, scribble>…

Kupeliont: If I may have a look, kupo…

"Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina, will descend upon each of the three nations for a sizzling-hot date. But all is not well! An invincible army of bodacious babes has arrived with the insidious intent of laying waste to the blooming flower of their love!"

Kupeliont: Stylishly done, Kupold! I shall next put pen to paper—
<Scribble, scribble>…

"Will the prince be able to stay his primal urges in the face of these sultry seductresses?
And the princess, able to maintain faith in her beloved through such trying times?"

Kupulele: Even the uncommonly calm and collected Kupeliont has gotten carried away, kupo…
Well, if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em!
<Scribble, scribble>…

"What will become of this romantic rendezvous!?"

All: "The fate of the royal couple lies in your hands!"!


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