Beastman Strongholds - Zahar'ak

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Beastman strongholds - these two imposing words speak for themselves. In keeping with convention, however, we will describe to you these enemy fortifications that will soon rise across the Eorzean landscape.

Teeming with foes and home to copious treasure chests, strongholds are formed of multiple sections, each of which is guarded by a contingent of defenders. Adventurers must cut their way through line after line of enemy resistance, breaching one gate after the next, before finally reaching the heart of the compound. Be forewarned: fearsome adversaries lie in wait within, ever ready to put a swift end to those trespassers who enter unprepared.


A stronghold erected by the Amalj'aa, its name meaning "like a rock" in their native tongue. Its location was said to be chosen by thaumaturges who, through ancient rituals, divined the position to be auspicious for waging war. Beginning life as a humble frontier outpost, over time Zahar'ak grew to become the foremost Amalj'aa base in all of Thanalan, boasting an intimidating array of siege engines and troop conveyances as well as a facility for breeding war drakes. Recent moons have seen a sharp rise in activity at Zahar'ak, which has sparked disquieting rumors among Ul'dahns of a full-scale assault on the sultanate.


Flamefist Ahlygg Roh


A commander of great renown, born into one of the most influential clans of his race. Even among the ranks of the Roh - the warrior class charged with enforcing order in Amalj'aa society - his unsurpassed fighting prowess places him in a class of his own. Despite his notable bloodline, Ahlygg Roh exudes an air of humility, and is ever relentless in his pursuit of excellence in Amalj'aa martial disciplines.

More beastman strongholds and numerous other notorious monsters aside from those mentioned above will descend to plague Eorzea come patch 1.19. Adventurers are urged to keep their weapons honed and armor sound ahead of this mounting threat.

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