An Egg Hunter is Hatched

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Hear ye, hear ye, kupo!
Drop everything you're holding—unless it's a basket of eggs—for the annual Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza event will soon commence!

It's about this time of year that fun-loving adventurers are heard egg-sclaiming, "Gosh, it's been a while since I last heard an egg pun." And who are we moogles to deny them the pleasure, kupo? To answer the call, the trusty Mog House Management Union (MHMU) moogles will be taking to the streets with oodles of eggs cradled lovingly in our little arms, distributing them to egg-semplary adventurers worth their salt sprinkled atop a boiled egg.

And you, Master. When the event begg-ins in earnest, I don't want to see you sulking over shriveled potted plants in the Mog House, but outside hunting eggs, eggs, and more eggs! Kupopopo!

"But I don't know the first thing about egg-hunting," you say? Well, such egg-scuses can be thrown out the window as egg-straneous, kupo! Because for this year's event, fledgling adventurers are being egg-stensively egg-sercised by their resident moogles in the ways of the egg-hunter, and I had the privilegge—erhm…that was probably a mite forced—of being on location for one such lesson!

Moogle: Um, Master? What are you doing staring blankly at an egg, kupo?
Alice: Huh? Oh, you mean this thing here?
Moogle: I say, it certainly does look unusual. Perhaps within its shell's shadowy confines slumbers a ferocious, five-headed fiend in the making, kupo!
Alice: A five-headed fiend!? Oh no! We…we have to get rid of this thing!
Moogle: Kupohoho, I was just pulling your leg, Master. I'm sure no such abomination hides within.
Alice: Y-you tricked me again. Wh-why are you…(sniffle)…always so mean…(sob)…to me…

Moogle: Uwaaah! F-forgive this tactless, timing-challenged moogle, Master! I was just trying to lighten the mood, kupo. Now, dry those tears and allow me to examine the egg…
Hmmm, I could've sworn seeing something similar before—ah, I remember now! It's one of those initial eggs used in the Egg Hunt event, kupo!
Alice: Egg…Hunt?
Moogle: Oh? Has Master yet to egg-sperience the egg-straordinary levels of egg-citement egg-stended by the Annual Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza, kupo?
Alice: I don't know anything about it. I'm still kind of new to this adventuring business.
Moogle: In that case, allow me to egg-splain how one might participate! Do you see the letter egg-spertly inscribed on your initial egg, kupo? The game's objegg-tive is to collect these eggs and use them to form specific words. Once you have a prescribed word, show it to the event moogle, and you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a spegg-tacular prize!

Alice: You have to form words?
Moogle: Egg-sactly, kupo! The first challenge requires you to form your own name!
Alice: My name? Why, that's A-L-I-C-E. Golly, that's long. I'll never be able to collect all the letters.
Moogle: Don't be disheartened, kupo, as the first three letters are all that is regg-quired. If I might ask, what letter is on the egg you hold?
Alice: It's a "B."
Moogle: Egg-gads! That's no help at all, kupo…

Alice: (Sob)…
Moogle: Uwaaah! It-it'll be all right, Master! Trust me, kupo! You have an avid adventuring egg-quaintance named Bettye, don't you?
Alice: Yes, I do. She dabbles in white and black magics, and is super cute!
Moogle: You say cute, Master, but the Hume definition of cuteness is beyond moogle understanding, kupo.
Alice: I meant her personality, silly-billy.
Moogle: Wh-why, of course you did, Master. I-I mean, I'm not so shallow as to automatically assume you were r-referring to—(sigh)… I think I'd best quit before I bury myself deeper in quicksand, kupo.
Alice: Teehee! Got you back one!

Moogle: I must say, you've grown significantly in both strength and smarts since becoming an adventurer. And that's praise from the heart, kupo.
Alice: Why, thank you! But going back to the Egg Hunt, I know what you were going to say about Bettye: Her name begins with "B," right?
Moogle: Precisely, kupo! Your friend Bettye has use for a "B" egg, even if you don't. Because it's possible to trade initial eggs, the most egg-spedient way to form words is to join forces with friends, kupo.
Alice: But I was given just this one egg…
Moogle: Fret not, Master, for there are ways to egg-quire more, kupo. Trading egg-like objects to a festival moogle, for instance.

Alice: Oooh, I see.
Moogle: What's more, doing so while in a party will egg-stensively enhance your egg-earning egg-sperience, kupo! Why don't you try participating with Bettye?
Alice: What a wondegg-ful idea! I'm going to go find her right away!

With those words, Alice dashes out of her Mog House without affording so much as a backward glance. The moogle sees off his young master, his entire being aglow with supreme satisfaction.

Moogle: (Sigh) The things we do for a glimpse of that sparkle of delight in Master's eyes…
Now then, where were we? Ah, yes, airing out the mattress, kupo.

A gentle spring breeze blows, setting newly sprouted leaves to rustling and bearing away with it the contented murmurs of one little moogle.


Story: Miyabi Hasegawa
Illustration: Taniel

Category: News

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