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31.05.2012 - Site renewal & transferral to Wikidot started. Welcome aboard.

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Thank you 100 members commemorative picture

2012/05/01 - Congratulations Chrysalis on 100 members! To celebrate the occasion one of our organizers drew us a pic. :D Thanks go to the talented Arivess, click the pic for full size. In other recent news, our FF14 section's coming along nicely and we might just manage to reach our goal within schedule. FF13-2 section's also coming along nicely, although still needs some brushing up. All in a day's work~

2012/01/01 - Happy new year everyone! Let's all hope for another magnificent year for Chrysalis.
In other news, as any KotC player would have heard the service is closing down on Feb 29th. We'll be removing KotC links from within the wiki, but the pages and the data on common pages will still exist, at least for now.


2011/10/18 - Considering that recently FF14 has been confirmed to lose the current main story and world once version 2.0 hits, completing the FF14 section (or at least the lore parts of it) has become a priority. We have over a year, wish us luck in this endeavor. ;)

2011/09/01 - As Chrysalis has gained some popularity recently it proved the need to change the URL to reflect the wiki's not-so-new-anymore name. Welcome to Chrysalis, we'll be around for a while still. Please change your bookmarks and links to reflect the new URL! The old one will redirect to Chrysalis for 30 days from today, ending September 30th.

2011/08/23 - We're a little behind on regular updates to games that…well, update themselves. :P But never fear, once I'm over some RL stuff early next month I'll tackle this problem and you can have your up-to-date info again. Sorry for the trouble everyone! Coming up: more news flashes from 11 and 14, the newest KotC card/arena info and the neglected KotC quest info as well as more character profiles and possibly an entirely new section…

2011/07/12 - Happy belated 4th birthday to Chrysalis, seems that I forgot again. :) It's set out to be a good year for Chrys with our membership steadily rising and quite a few info sections nearing completion. The emphasis has been on Knights of the Crystals lately (you all sure love your KotC don't you), although rest assured that the other games haven't been forgotten, more content is under works all the time.

2011/05/02 - Some new sections have been added under Others, mainly concerning various FF merchandise. These include the new FF Trading Card Game, complete with card (and soon rule) translations.

2011/01/24 - Hi everyone, long time no see. This time I advertise the almost-completion of Knights of the Crystals section, as well as various tidbits of pretty much everything…maybe one day we'll finish an entire section, how's that!


2010/05/05 - Another layout change, this time complete with logo and name of the site. For now, still going with the old URL, but don't be surprised if you get redirected somewhere else soon. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new look of the site. :)

2010/05/02 - For once (almost) on time, our FF13 section now has quite a bit of content, thank you to contributors. Other recent additions include many more FF11 pages, with more to come.

2010/02/05 - Long time no update notice. If you haven't been looking around lately, try taking a peek at Ring of Fates or Echoes of Time character pages, or much any other page for those two games. FF11 section also has gone through some major updating, check it out.


2009/09/25 - Just letting you know you can now sort all-games bestiary by monster family as well as getting an alphabetical list, and that FF3 character profiles are verrry close to completion. FF4 next. Too bad, fans of newer FFs, you're gonna have to wait a while longer if you don't work on it yourself first. ;)

2009/08/22 - A much-needed revamp of the color theme at waff has been finally done. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new look

2009/06/06 - As the second anniversary of waff at Wikispaces approaches, the sidebar has been revamped for easier access and much more content has been added to the site, with more coming! Also added new section Materials

2009/06/01 - Slightly ahead of schedule, our semi-frequent bigger updates are back. Thanks for waiting, please support the site in the future too.

2009/05/07 - As some of our more frequent visitors might have noticed, our semi-regular updates have been on hold since March. This will continue until mid-June. However, smaller updates have continued and will continue all this time. Enjoy your visit!

2009/01/24 - Thank you for your patience, equipment page revisions are now over. Should you meet any errors please report to the staff (just click the discussion tab and leave a comment) or fix it yourself

2009/01/23 - The equipment pages will experience several days of confusion in the process of correcting them. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. In the future you can find each item on their own page.

2009/01/12 - A hopefully long-awaited (better late than never?) section Miscellaneous at waff has been added. More content to the section coming soon.


2008/11/30 - Wiki creator has been busy with FF11 recently, please forgive. ;D Commenting on pages should now be enabled for guests. Major updates coming during December.

2008/07/25 - Welcome to slightly-older-than-a-year waff! Thank you for all the contributors, please look forward to new developments of the site during the next year, too.

2008/04/24 - A great many pages have been renamed to more human-friendly ones. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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