The Wind of Prayer

The first part in Miyabi Hasegawa's novel series set in Vana'diel, starting the adventure of Al and Iris. Original name is 祈りの風 [Inori no Kaze], and it's known as Le Chant de la Tempête in French.

Contents - French Version


Character introductions - 000
Prologue: Iris - 007
First Part: Max - 021
Second Part: Shera - 069
Third Part: Jed - 123
Fourth Part: Peta - 169
Epilogue: Al - 219


The book opens with Al out near the coast of Gustaberg, just outside of Bastok. He accidentally catches the attention of a resident Goblin, and is almost killed before Iris and Max arrive to help him. The three team up for a while, and enable Al to finish what he came out for - to find a piece of Zinc that he promised to deliver.

In the first part, he finishes his quest - delivers the piece of Zinc to the Tenshodo like he promised to a desperate girl. Afterwards, Max entrusts Iris to Al's care, and the two young ones start training. One day, they promise to deliver a report for overseer Makarim. The task doesn't go so well, however, as an amoeba attacks them and the report is covered in slime, rendering it unreadable. They deliver the remains of it only to be served a scolding, from which Max saves them.

Second part starts right from where the first part leaves off. Al and Iris hear talk of an excursion against the Quadav, and decide without hesitation to take part. It's explained to them that they are too inexperienced to go with the main force (and with Max), and are suggested to volunteer for a second force infiltrating the Palborough Mines. The two of them agree, and end up forming a party with two other adventurers - Jed and Peta.
At Palborough, the party meets up with Shera, a Mithra thief. She is out there looking for treasures, and warns the party of a Quadav statue full of gunpowder. She joins the party, and after several battles they have confirmed that there is more gunpowder around. As their final act of the raid they discover an underground waterway leading to Bastok.

Third part has the party still together, and since they proved themselves at the battles in Palborough, are given the option to join a multi-national mission in San d'Oria. The party accepts, and starts making their way north by foot. Everything goes well until they reach Valkurm Dunes, where they are ambushed by the undead.
Iris freezes in fear, and Al is knocked out completely. Even Shera is wounded. The timely arrival of Max (who had staid behind in Bastok to take care of several things before joining the party) prevents the ambush from ending in a complete disaster. As it is, the healthier members decide that it's wiser to go recuperate at the nearby Selbina. There, it is revealed that Iris's parents were killed in an undead attack at sea, that is why she froze so badly.

At the start of the fourth part the party has reached La Theine Plateau, on their way to San d'Oria. Once again there is peril, as they are attacked by a Battering Ram. Al and Iris get briefly separated from the rest of the party, and Iris finally wakes up from the gloomy mood she has been in since the undead attack. Afterwards, the six reaches San d'Oria uneventfully, and are given a day of rest before the start of the actual mission - a raid to Ghelsba Outpost, an Orcish fort just outside the capitol city.
The raid goes well to start with. But as always, there's a hitch. The Orcs have constructed a Warmachine, and it takes out all of the party except Iris. She casts Benediction to save the situation, rendering herself vulnerable. However, her rejuvenated allies soon dispose of the Warmachine. Not too long after, the party finds the blueprints for building one, and realize its importance. The instructions are written in the common tongue instead of Orcish.

To close off, the prologue has the party heading to Selbina again. They have received orders to get word of the blueprints to the Windurstian government.

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