TCG Merchandise

In addition to the cards themselves, there are various accessories related to the TCG cards. Most of these are related to the storing of the cards, and the bigger sets often come with promotional cards.

Card Sleeves

Thin protective plastic sleeves for the cards to fit in to. Come in various images on the back. The Standard sleeve (not pictured) has the standard card back on it. Each pack of sleeves comes with 60 sleeves of the same type.

The last section has card sleeves not available commercially, but that were available through various campaigns. They are no longer obtainable.

tcg_sleeve1.jpg tcg_sleeve2.jpg tcg_sleeve3.jpg tcg_sleeve4_132a.jpg tcg_sleeve4_132b.jpg
Lightning Cloud Sephiroth FFXIII-2 (A) FFXIII-2 (B)
tcg_sleeve4_reishikia.jpg tcg_sleeve4_reishikib.jpg tcg_sleeve5_lightning2.jpg tcg_sleeve5_yuna.jpg tcg_sleeve5_ff7cca.jpg
Type-0 (A) Type-0 (B) Lightning Ver 2 Yuna FF7CC (A)
tcg_sleevex_1yearcommemoration.jpg tcg_sleevex_ch6campaign.jpg tcg_sleevex_25thff2.jpg tcg_sleevex_25thfft.jpg
1 Year Commemoration Award Ch VI Treasure Campaign 25th Anniversary Treasure Campaign (FF2) 25th Anniversary Treasure Campaign (FFT)

Storage Box

Lightning & Odin
A storage box with a picture of Lightning riding Odin on it. Fits around 400 cards in sleeves, or 6 entry set cases with some space left over.
25th Anniversary FF12
A small storage box with a picture of Balthier and Fran from Final Fantasy XIII.
25th Anniversary Type-0
A small storage box with a picture of the cadets from FF Type-0.

Supply Set

Comes with various card supplies, listed below.

* Deck case - fits 80 cards, has two separators. Both case and separators are plastic. Stays closed with a self-fastening sticker
* Storage box - fits 550 cards. Thick cardboard
* Card binder - fits 405 cards / has 45 storage pages. Plastic covered with black fabric
* Play mat. Black fabric with a rubber bottom to prevent sliding
* Three copies of PR-015 Rydia

Play Mats

1 Year Commemoration
A special 1-year commemoration play mat with FF6 magitek illustration, was available only to buyers of chapter 5 booster packs in Japan.
Chapter VI Treasure Campaign
Chapter VI treasure card campaign award mat, was available only to buyers of chapter 6 booster packs in Japan.

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