TCG Entry Sets

This page lists all cards in 'entry sets' and other ready-to-play packs in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. The card featured is that set's exclusive or promotional card. For the appearance of the other cards in the set, see the page of the appropriate series.

Sets are commonly composed of two main elements and one supplementary one - either Light or Dark.

Chapter Series

Opus Series

Starter Sets


Series: Opus I
Element: Fire, Earth
Goodies: Rule sheet, play mat


1-187S Cloud x3
1-188S Zangan x3
1-189S Tifa x3
1-190S Bahamut Fury x3
1-191S Red XIII x3
1-004C Ifrit x2
1-010C Black Mage x2
1-011C Evoker x2
1-014C Samurai x2
1-024C Magus x2
1-025C Squire x2
1-202S Vincent x3
1-203S Wedge x3
1-204S Jessie x3
1-205S Barrett x3
1-206S Biggs x3
1-092C Dark Knight x2
1-099C Black Belt x2
1-106C Golem x2
1-120C Monk x2


Series: Opus III
Element: Fire, Water, Light
Goodies: Rule sheet, play mat


3-154S Zidane x3
3-149S Vivi x3
3-013R Salamander x3
3-015R Black Waltz 2nd x2
1-008C Ranger x2
1-011C Evoker x2
1-014C Samurai x2
2-002C Ifrit x2
2-005C Sage x2
2-020C Warrior x2
2-013C Ninja x2
2-018C Summoner x2
3-152S Garnet x3
3-133C Quina x3
3-137R Steiner x3
3-122C Artemicion x2
3-127R Eiko x2
3-141C Mog [IX] x2
1-159C Evoker x2
1-170C Fairy x2
1-172C Moogle x2
2-131C Knight x2


Series: Opus I
Element: Water, Wind
Goodies: Rule sheet, play mat


1-213S Tidus x3
1-212S Shuyin x3
1-214S Yuna x3
1-215S Lenne x3
1-216S Wakka x3
1-159C Evoker x2
1-165C Knight x2
1-167C Viking x2
1-168C Geomancer x2
1-178R Leviathan x2
1-197S Brother x3
1-198S Valefor x3
1-199S Paine x3
1-200S Baralai x3
1-201S Rikku x3
1-068C Evoker x2
1-074R Sylph x2
1-077C Devout x2
1-078C Ninja x2
1-087C Archer x2


Series: Opus I
Element: Lightning, Ice
Goodies: Rule sheet, play mat


1-210S Lightning x3
1-207S Gilgamesh x3
1-208S Noel x3
1-209S Maqui x3
1-211S Rygdea x3
1-123R Odin x2
1-133C Sage x2
1-138C Summoner x2
1-140C Magus x2
1-147C Dragoon x2
1-192S Cid Raines x3
1-193S Jihl Nabaat x3
1-194S Snow x3
1-195S Serah x3
1-196S Moogle [XIII-2] x3
1-036C Bard x2
1-038R Shiva x2
1-040C Summoner x2
1-054C Dark Knight x2
1-055C Dark Knight x2


Series: Opus III
Element: Wind, Lightning, Light
Goodies: Rule sheet, play mat


3-153S Ace x3
3-150S Moogle -Class 0- x3
3-072R Rem x3
3-051R Eight x2
3-057R Seven x2
3-061R Diabolos x2
3-062C Deuce x2
1-068C Evoker x2
1-075C Chocobo x2
1-076C Chocobo x2
1-078C Ninja x2
3-151S Queen x3
3-097R Arecia Al-Rashia x3
3-113R Nine x3
3-109C Sice x2
1-130C Black Mage x2
1-138C Summoner x2
1-143C Ramuh x2
1-148C Dragoon x2
2-107C Cyclops x2
2-115C Ninja x2
2-120C Dragoon x2

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