Sword of Protection 1

The fourth part of Miyabi Hasegawa's Final Fantasy XI novel series, starting a new story arc with new characters. Original name is 護りの剣1 [Mamori no Tsurugi 1], and it's known as L'Épée du Gardien 1 in French.

Contents - French Version


Character introductions - 000
Prologue - 007
Part One: Orc - 021
Part Two: Dragon - 059
Part Three: Crab - 093
Part Four: Quadav - 120
Part Five: Skeleton - 157
Intermission - 185


The prologue opens in Jugner Forest, with Douglas Grant (aka Doug) and [[Lynn]]] riding on chocobos. They are about to re-join the rest of their party - Tikkit, Guava, Nimral Levaner (aka Nim) and Perutata Porutata Puronputa (aka Peta) - who are at another part of the forest. Their journey gets a more serious turn when Tikkit's party gets ambushed by the resident jellies. The party manages to re-join and defeat the jellies, but not before Lynn gets wounded. There seems to be something more wrong with her than just being attacked by a jelly… The party makes it out of Jugner and makes camp just outside.

The first chapter takes us back in time to when the six people met. Doug, Guava and Nim are raiding Yughott's Grotto, trying to find treasures. They wonder about with no luck until they hear unmistakable noise of battle, and enter the scene to find Tikkit and Lynn engaged with some of the resident Orcs. Together, the five people manage to defeat the first wave or Orcs, but soon more arrive at the scene, and they make their escape with a mysterious Tarutaru and her Carbuncle.
When the party reaches Ronfaure it is already getting night, and they make camp. This being their first real opportunity to talk, they now discover that both the parties were in Yughott after treasure, their goal to find enough that the profit would buy them airship passes to Kazham. By coincidence, the six people between them have found enough to buy them all passes. They decide to continue the journey together.

The second chapter takes you even further back in time, to the day before Doug and his two friends left San d'Oria for Yughott. Doug was to be knighted officially that very day, but he heard news that Guava's mentor Banaba had disappeared around Kazham. That night, the three friends left their home city, Doug and Nim both abandoning an important initiation in exchange for helping their friend.

The third chapter begins from where the first left off. The party of six reaches La Theine Plateau and wonders at the marvel of the Crag of Holla. As quite conveniently a chocobo rental store has opened up near the crag, they decide to rent chocobos to make their way to Jeuno faster. Jeuno is where the airship to Kazham leaves from.
A slight hitch on the way proves to be hunger. As there are crabs nearby, the party decides to hunt down a few and eat them. But in the middle of the battle, Lynn gets wounded. After clearing the battle (and picking up the crabs to eat later), they return to the Crag of Holla to let Lynn rest.
As it by now is clear to Doug and the others, Lynn is not in the greatest health. This requires an explanation, so Lynn provides that.

In the fourth chapter is told the story of Lynn and Tikkit's departure from Bastok. The two friends were hunting for treasure in Palborough Mines when they ran across a hatching site for eggs. Lynn first presumes them to be Quadav eggs, but soon realizes her mistake when one of the eggs hatches and reveals a creature that Tikkit later recognizes as a wyvern. It is Wuffie.
While Lynn was wondering at the newly-born Wuffie, Tikkit set up explosives. They soon set off, and all the remaining eggs are destroyed in the explosion. The two girls manage to escape with Wuffie.
At the hatching site, a strange man appears. He seems rather irritated at the eggs being destroyed, and decides something must be done about the wyvern that Lynn took with her.
Right outside of Bastok when the two girls are returning to the city, Lynn discovers she isn't allowed to bring in any creatures. Her problem is soon solved by a Dragoon that happens by. He teaches Lynn the basics of being a Dragoon, and how to recall her wyvern to her, make it a small statue. This way, she is able to take Wuffie with her.
Later in Bastok Lynn and Tikkit discover that it is impossible to sell coffer keys in Bastok, and a kind merchant tells them that they would have better luck in Jeuno. The two are not certain what to do, but their pondering is soon interrupted by a strange Elvaan character. The Elvaan ends up attacking them, getting off an attack on Lynn that leaves her weak. However, soon after the two manage to escape. As the Elvaan seems to be a dangerous character, they don't even stop to pick up their equipment, they make their way straight out of Bastok and head for Selbina.

The fifth chapter opens at the Crag of Holla. Lynn adds that from Selbina they made their way north to Yughott Grotto, all the while chased by the shady Elvaan. While listening to the story, Peta has made her own conclusions. The party ends up making their way towards Eldieme Necropolis, where she could perform an exorcism that would free Lynn from the Elvaan's attack that was still draining her life force.
Skip two days forward, after the Jugner Forest events. The reaches Eldieme, with Lynn quite weak by now. She is unable to stay on her chocobo any longer and drops down. Quite alarmed, the party makes their way into the Necropolis. Some way in, they encounter an Elvaan. Lynn immediately recognizes him as the same one who has been tracking her since Bastok. It does not take long for him to reject his disguise and reveal his true form - a Dragon. The party has no hope of fighting him with Lynn out of the count, and makes their way deeper in, to the place where Peta can perform the exorcism.
They find the place after a while, and start the ritual. But when they have almost finished it, they get attacked by a Wight. The situation becomes quite bad when it manages to paralyze both Doug and Guava. Nim casts Benediction which heals the rest of the party, but makes the Wight concentrate its attacks on him. Right in the nick of time, Peta joins the fight. She has finished the exorcism, and Lynn is healed. The party finishes off the Wight with a chain attack.

In the Intermission, the Dragon-Elvaan's partners, another man and a woman, discuss their next course of action.
Meanwhile, the party has reached an airship, and arrive at Kazham.

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