Memoria de la Stona

Memoria de la Ŝtona is the central theme music of Final Fantasy XI. For the first time it features in the opening video of the game, although isn't present again (and fully) until the Chains of Promathia expansion. On the soundtrack, the sung parts are present in the track FFXI Opening Theme.



Fluas nun sango senkulpa,
sur Vana' diel, vasta ter'.
Tremas la tuta mond'
pro l' plago en desper'.

Preventas ĝin
nenia sort'.
Haltigas ĝin
nenia fort'.

Sed tra la nokto tempesta
brilas jen stelo de glor'!
Kontrau~ brutala kri'
fontas jen kant-sonor'!

Stelo brilanta, kanto sonanta:
revo kaj preĝo por ni!

Vana'diel! Vana'diel!

Mano kaj man' kunpremitaj
trans la eterno sen lim'
ne dismetiĝos plu,
ne disligiĝos plu!

English Translation

Now flows the blood of the innocent,
upon the vast earth of Vana'diel.
The entire world trembles
in despair from the calamity.

Preventing it
is not in our destiny.
Stopping it
is not in our power.

But through the stormy night
appears a star of glory!
Against the brutal cry
springs forth the sound of music!

Brilliant star, resounding song:
a dream and a prayer for us!

Vana'diel! Vana'diel!

Hand and hand clasped together
across eternity without bound
they will not be broken apart again,
they will not be separated again!

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