Grimoire of the Rift Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack

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Disc One

01. Main Theme from FFT-A "Main Theme"
02. Putting Words Together
03. Green Wind
04. Unfold the Map
05. Companions That Surpassed Their Tribe from FFT-A "Companions That Surpassed Their Tribe"
06. At the Bar from FFT-A "At the Bar"
07. Engage from FFT-A "Engage"
08. Knowledge of the Adventurer
09. Grasp Victory
10. Level Up from FFT-A "Level Up"
11. Gained Fruit from FFT-A "Gained Fruit"
12. Luso
13. Gathering Allies from FFT-A "Gathering Allies"
14. Signpost
15. Cid
16. Mysterious Shop from FFT-A "Mysterious Shop"
17. Adel
18. Unpreparedness is One's Greatest Foe
19. Mad Dash!
20. Unhideable Anxiety from FFT-A "Unhideable Anxiety"
21. Into the Fantasy from FFXII "The Salikawood"
22. Determination
23. A Grand Spell from FFT-A "Law Card"
24. A Shadow Lurking
25. A Time Eternal
26. Beyond the Wasteland from FFT-A "Beyond the Wasteland"
27. A Beating Heart from FFXII "The Mosphoran Highwaste"
28. Comparison of Wisdom
29. Bell of Victory from FFT-A "Bell of Victory"

Disc Two

01. Peaceful Days from FFT-A "Magic Beast Farm"
02. Summer Vacation
03. Bookmark from FFT-A
04. Crossing Over the Hill from FFXII "Ozmone Plain"
05. A Hurried Guess
06. To the Peak from FFXII "To the Peak"
07. That Which Stands in the Way from FFXII "Boss Battle"
08. Sorrow
09. The Sky Pirate from the East from FFXII "Penelo's Theme"
10. Painful Battle from FFT-A "Painful Battle"
11. Wounded Comrades from FFT-A "Wounded Comrades"
12. Sleep of Defeat from FFT-A "Sleep of Defeat"
13. Premonition of Origin
14. Airport from FFXII "Naivety"
15. Abyss from FFXII "To the Place of the Gods"
16. Looming Crisis
17. A Grave Error
18. Requiem
19. Finale from FFXII "The Sky Fortress Bahamut"
20. Front and Back
21. Conclusion
22. The Unfolding Darkness
23. The End of the Tale
24. A Hymn for the Journey
25. A Sound That Connects the World
26. Each Tale
27. Words Put Together

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