FFXI Novel Series

This is a series of novels written by Miyabi Hasegawa, with illustrations by Eiji Kaneda. It is available only in Japanese, French and German. The first part of the series was published in December 2002. Starting in early 2009, the continuation of the series has been cast in doubt, partially due to the author starting a new novelization series for Final Fantasy XIV.

In the list below, the series has been divided into parts according to who appears in them as main characters. Note that the order of publication is followed only within each sub-series. The names used are the English-language ones given to the books by the author himself, when it is available.


Travels of Al and Iris
The Wind of Prayer
The Oath of Stars
The Eternal Bond
The Wings Take Me Far Away
Fit for a Princess
Distant Prayer 1
Distant Prayer 2
The New Hope 1
The New Hope 2
The Will of Sage 1
The Will of Sage 2
Lucky Girl
Lady Knight of Ronfaure
Invitation of Star

Travels of Doug and Lynn
Sword of Protection 1
Sword of Protection 2
Sword of Protection 3
The Pride of Knights 1
The Pride of Knights 2
The Pride of Knights 3
The Message from the Past 1
The Message from the Past 2
The Message from the Past 3

Other travels
The Girls from Aht Urhgan 1
The Girls from Aht Urhgan 2
The Girls from Aht Urhgan 3
Happy Gift
Anthology: Everyone's Great Adventure
Heartbeat of Xarcabard 1
Heartbeat of Xarcabard 2
Heartbeat of Xarcabard 3



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