Crystal of Time Soundtrack


Note that the Crystal of Time Soundtrack hasn't been officially released outside of a limited-availability Youtube publication. Please see here for the playlist.

1. ウェスタ (Westa)
2. 時の狭間 (Rift of Time)
3. 今を生き延びて (Surviving the Present)
4. ナバルの町 (The Town of Nabar)
5. 魔法都市-Mysidia (City of Magic - Mysidia)
6. 大聖堂 (The Cathedral)
7. 中世 -The Middle Ages (Medieval Times - The Middle Ages)
8. 伝説の地にて (At the Land of Legend)
9. 不死王城 (The Castle of the Undying King)
10. 破壊神バハムート (Bahamut, the God of Destruction)
11. エルヘイム (Elheim)
12. 仲間たち (Companions)
13. 不死王 (The Undying King)
14. ウェスタ城 (Castle Westa)
15. 立ち塞がる脅威 (The Menace in Our Way)
16. 辺境の里 (The Remote Village)
17. 未来 -What lies ahead (The Future - What lies ahead)
18. つかの間の休息 (Brief Respite)
19. Prelude of Legends
20. 窮地 (Dilemma)
21. 現代 The Departure (The Present - The Departure)
22. 心奮い立たせ (Cheer Up Your Heart)
23. シェルター (Shelter)
24. エモの歌声 (Emo's Song)
25. 未来への戦い (Battle for the Future)
26. アジマ (Ajima)
27. 滅びのさだめ (Fate of Destruction)
28. バブイルの塔へ (To the Tower of Babil)
29. ミシディア宮殿 (The Palace of Mysidia)
30. 旅立ちの決意 (Determination of the Journey)
31. 幻石召喚 (Eidolith Summon)
32. 幻獣界 (Eidolon World)
33. はびこる魔物たち (Rampant Fiends)
34. アガルト (Agart)
36. 全時空、揺るがす決戦 (The Decisive Battle that Shakes the Space-time)
37. 遥か時を超え… (Exceed Distant Times…)
38. Timeless Tomorrow

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