Cantata Mortis

Cantata Mortis is a song from Duodecim. It plays during the sequence of last battles with Chaos.


Lux! Umbra!
Vita! Mors!
Concordia! Chaos!

Chaos, Deus Mortis.
Spiritus illius producit Mortem.

Chaos, Deus Exitii.
Tenebrae illius devorant omnia.

In palma Creatoris,
Proelium aeternum prodit.
Creare rem Ultimam!
Deletrix Omnium!

O, Chaos!
Progenies Belli!
Corpus incensum tuum fluctuat
In mari inanitatis.

Scitote finem Vestrum fieri
In prece sola mortuorum.

Lux! Umbra!
Vita! Mors!
Concordia! Chaos!
(Repeat x7)

Mors! O, Mors!

Delete! Delete!
O, Chaos, Deus Exitii!
Devastate! Devastate!
Chaos, Deus Mortis!

O, Chaos!

English Translation

Light! Shadow!
Life! Death!
Concord! Chaos!

Chaos, God of Death.
Spirit that brings Death.

Chaos, God of Ruin.
Darkness that devours all.

In the Creator's palm,
Eternal strife springs up.
To create the final thing!
The destroyer of all!

O, Chaos!
Spawn of war!
Your fiery body surges
In the sea of emptiness.

Know that your end will come,
In a lonely prayer for the dead.

Light! Shadow!
Life! Death!
Concord! Chaos!
(Repeat x7)

Death O, Death!

Destroy! Destroy!
O, Chaos, God of Ruin!
Lay to waste! Lay to waste!
Chaos, God of Death!

O, Chaos!

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