BBS Volume 2

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The second part of Ryuunosuke Ichikawa's manga series Beyond the Boundless Sky. Original name is はてなき空の向こうにII [hatenaki sora no mukou ni 2]. It was published by Square Enix in March 2005. ISBN number is 4-7575-1368-2.



Contents - 002
Chapter 7: The Situation of Alfitaria / The People of the Country of Shella - 003
Chapter 8: The Half-Blood Princess / The Appearance of Military Men - 021
Chapter 9: The End of a Plan / The Start of a Plan - 053
Chapter 10: The Mansion of Jack Moschet - 085
Chapter 11: People and Monsters - 117
Chapter 12: The Big Black Party and the White Knight - 151
Extra Chapter - 185


Chapter seven opens the book in Alfitaria. Lu Zhe has gotten enough of being confined in her room, and sneaks out. Meanwhile at the bedside of the king of Alfitaria Doni Mills offers the sick king medicine. He remembers how the minister ordered him to put poison in it, to clear way for the minister's rule. When Doni leaves the king's room, Crea Gilda surprises him, asking uncomfortable questions. While they walk forward, they soon see a scene at the castle's courtyard. The minister is making a speech to assembled soldiers. With them, is a new type of a warmachine.
Lu Zhe, having sneaked out, comes across De Nam and his Yuke friends. It turns out they were the ones who built the warmachine, one one of the Yuke knows Shiberg.
Back atop the castle's fortifications, Sol Racht confronts Doni Mills about his recent conferences with the minister and the medicine he gave to the king. Doni tells him that even if he's stopped, there will be others taking his place. He leaves.

On the way to Alfitaria is Fox, along with Princess Fiona and her entourage. They've camped for the night, and Fox just returns from gathering firewood when a mail-moogle shows up. Fox is given the duty of giving the letter to the princes. He finds her taking a bath. The princess ends up talking to him, of her life in a castle full of Liltys, while she herself is only a half. Then she asks Fox to read the letter, which turns out to be a report of the current situation in Alfitaria.
Just then, the shadow of a huge bird shows up in the sky. The guardians of the princess jump out of hiding - they were spying on the two - and rush to her aid. There was no need for that, as the shadow flies toward Moschet Manor.
Back in Alfitaria, De Nam explains some of his and Amidatty's research to Lu Zhe and Shiberg, mainly their plan to get rid of Miasma. While Lu Zhe and Shiberg are on the way to their room, they come across Crea and the people from Alfitaria's Caravan, arguing over whether Doni has turned traitor to the country. They come to the result that they should trust him, as he's their friend from the Caravan. After the decision, when Crea is leaving with Lu Zhe and Shiberg, Doni shows up. He challenges Crea to stay behind at Alfitaria to see what will happen while the others leave for Moschet Manor. Crea takes up the challenge.
Out in the wilderness, Fox and Princess Fiona's entourage decide to head for Moschet Manor instead of Alfitaria.

The ninth chapter opens with Lu Zhe and Shiberg on the way to Moschet Manor with Lilty soldiers. They worry about how Crea is doing.
Back in Alfitaria, Crea is once again spying on Doni and the minister. The minister's plans all seem to be coming to nothing, as the king has mysteriously gotten better and there's news of the princess's return. Doni suggests that they tell the king the princess got defeated by monsters on the way back and make his condition worsen with despair, and the minister agrees. Crea gets angry and almost goes after them, before someone stops her.
On the road, Fox is talking with the leader of Princess Fiona's guard. He tells him that the real reason for their journey is making the princess more self-confident and accepting of her duties at the Lilty kingdom.
Meanwhile, back in Alfitaria, the king is finally getting up. The minister comes to meet him, and after he confirms the minister's plans to kill all monsters he can, the king reveals that Doni was acting under his orders all the time. There was no poison. The minister ends up trying to attack Doni, but Sol Racht gets in the way and gets hit himself. Then the minister turns his attention to the king, but Crea stops him. Everything turns out well.
On the way to Moschet Manor, Lu Zhe and Shiberg's party has stopped because of a fallen tree. They find a stray Tonberry and almost kill it, but are stopped by someone. That someone turns out to be Fox, who is accompanied by princess Fiona.

Chapter ten has Crea Gilda leaving Alfitaria for Moschet Manor. She talks with Doni Mills who is one of her escorts, and ends up agreeing to go out with him when she next comes to Alfitaria. On the way, they come across the Caravan from Marr's Pass. They report that they collected the drop from Mine of Cathuriges.
Back near the Moschet Manor, Fox finally reunites with Lu Zhe and Shiberg. The Tonberry Fox saved leads them to the manor house, while Kunock Fierna from princess Fiona's entourage explains what has really been going on in Alfitaria. When they arrive at the door of Moschet Manor, Jack Moschet himself barges out. It seems that he's a bit angry, but when he sees Fiona he calms down and invites them in. It turns out that Jack Moschet is actually a rather reasonable man, and his wife Maggi is rather taken with Fiona. She knows her from before.
Jack Moschet allows Tipa's Caravan to gather a Myrrh drop from his tree, but tells them to leave right after. From above, a knight in white armor is watching. It's the person Fox met near River Belle's Myrrh tree.

Chapters 11-12 coming soon

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