BBS Volume 1

The first part of Ryuunosuke Ichikawa's manga series Beyond the Boundless Sky. Original name is はてなき空の向こうにI [hatenaki sora no mukou ni 1]. It was published by Square Enix in August 2004. ISBN number is 4-7575-1234-1.



Contents - 003
Prologue - 004
Chapter 1: Crystal Caravan / To the Journey that Spins the Future - 005
Chapter 2: Alone on a Journey / The Start of the Myrrh Journey's Troubles - 043
Chapter 3: Myrrh Tree / Masked Knight - 075
Chapter 4: New Mission / To Alfitaria… - 105
Chapter 5: On Mother's Wagon Tracks / Caravan's Mission - 137
Chapter 6: The Swirl of Strategy / The Castle of the People of Bravery - 157
Extra Chapters - 179


Chapter one opens on a beautiful day in the village of Tipa. Fox is just on his way to Crea Gilda's house. Crea Gilda is the local blacksmith's daughter, and Fox has asked her to make him a sword. It is now ready. While Crea Gilda wonders why a farmer's son would need a sword, Fox tries it out. He doesn't really have an answer to that.
Enter Fox's over-enthusiastic father, Arion. He declares a match against Fox. The situation ends up in chaos as Lu Zhe and her mother, the local tailor, get involved. Meanwhile, Fox has escaped the fray, and Mog comes for him, reporting that the village mayor Roland is at his house, waiting for him. Fox goes back home, and discovers that Roland wants him to lead this year's Crystal Caravan. Fox hesitates, and tells that he'll give his answer the next day.
When Roland is leaving the house, Arion meets up with him and hears of his son's possible position in the Caravan. He assures the mayor that there won't be a problem, with a weird gleam in his eyes.
That night, having been encouraged by his friends to do so, Fox decides to go with the Caravan. But he doesn't have a chance to report his decision to the mayor, as the next morning he wakes up…out in the wilderness, all alone.

That same morning, in Tipa. Lu Zhe has just finished her first work of embroidery, when Arion shows up. When asked where Fox is, he answers that he left Fox outside the village, with a big smile on his face. General shock ensues.
Meanwhile, Fox is running for his life, carrying the Crystal Chalice. He's searching for Mog, who Arion left tied up somewhere, and his letter didn't mention any specifics except to hurry. Fox manages to avoid the enemies, and has ended up near a river. He's not given much time to rest before he sees a Moogle floating down the river. Thinking it to be Mog, he dives after, but soon gets caught up int he current and loses consciousness.
When he comes by, he's fallen down a waterfall and saved by the floating Moogle, Stiltzkin. He only barely has time to explain the situation to Stiltzkin before a Giant Crab comes out. The two almost run for it, but it turns out that Mog is tied to the Crab. Fox has no choice but to fight. He manages to free Mog, and with the help of the two Moogles defeats it.
Or so it seems. The Crab inhales the Miasma around itself and gets back up.

In the third chapter, Fox prepares to attack the Crab again. As he strikes it, his sword breaks. He almost thinks it to be over, but is saved by the sudden appearance of Crea Gilda, Lu Zhe and Shiberg. The Crab, overwhelmed by their attacks, runs away.
Fox's three saviors explain that they came here protected by Dah Yis and Hana Kohl's Crystal Chalice. The two congratulate Tipa's Caravan on their win, before Lu Zhe notices something weird. The two have gathered River Belle's Myrrh drop while they were fighting… They make a strategic exit and wish Tipa's Caravan good luck on their journey.
Even though there's no more Myrrh at the closest Myrrh tree, Crea, Lu Zhe and Shiberg decide to go see what one looks like. Fox stays behind to dry his clothes. After a while, a fox and a weird masked knight show up. Fox decides them to be a good person because they mention having been in a Crystal Caravan before. Just as the two leave, Crea calls for Fox. He hurries to the Myrrh tree, and notices that it's been cut down.

Chapter four opens in Mushroom Forest, where Alfitaria's Caravan is just defeating a Malboro. They feel that this one is somehow stronger than usually…
Back in Tipa, Fox and the rest are just coming back. They report the destruction of the Myrrh tree to Roland. While Roland and Arion are discussing this problem, Alfitaria's Caravan walks in. They report that Mushroom Forest's Myrrh tree is gone too. They also mention another reason for their coming, for the King of Alfitaria has plans to get possession of the Myrrh tree in Moschet Manor. They ask for Arion's help in negotiating with Jack Moschet. Arion refuses, saying that he's no longer in the Caravan.
Meanwhile, outside the house Fox is doing housework when he finds his father's sword struck to the ground. He thinks it dangerous to leave lying around like that, and picks it up. It turns out to be a trap. He disarms it with some difficulty, and is told by his father to accept a mission from the Alfitarians.
The next day, the two Caravans leave Tipa for Alfitaria. They reach the closest Miasma Stream and try to cross it..only to discover that while the Alfitarian's Crystal Chalice can pass fine, the element of Tipa's Crystal Chalice is repelled. Mog and Fox get blown away by the Miasma. They end up in Port Tipa. Hurdy finds him.

Fox wakes up in Fields of Fum with Gurdy. He presumes that he is a good person, until finding out that he just got cheated into paying for Gurdy's extravagant meal.
Near the Miasma Stream, the others have been searching for him. They eventually come to the conclusion that they must go on to Alfitaria and hope that Fox will be waiting for them there.
In Fum, Fox is in trouble. He no longer has the gil required to even cross the River Jegon. Feeling quite down, he stumbles on the town square. Fum's Caravan has returned, and they are having a festival. He comes across a person who used to be in Fum's Caravan, who tells him that 10 years ago she met the Caravan from Tipa that disappeared. She was the person who notified Tipa of their disappearance, so Tipa wasn't destroyed by Miasma at that time.
Fox begs her to tell him where she was last seen. When she hears he is the son of one of the persons in the Caravan, she refuses, telling him that the area is too dangerous, and he should think of his village. Fox has no choice but to try enjoy the festival, and calm down.

In the sixth chapter, the remaining people of Tipa's Caravan and Alfitaria's Caravan have reached Alfitaria. There is some commotion in the city. They soon discover that it is because Alfitaria's soldiers have brought in Armstrong from Tida. Right then, Alfitaria's minister bids them welcome.
Meanwhile, Fox is out fighting in Daemon's Court, gathering goods to sell so he can cross river Jegon. Mog reports him that there's a Myrrh tree nearby, when he gets attacked by a Lilty. However, someone stops the Lilty before he has a chance to strike. It is Princess Fiona of Alfitaria and her entourage. They tell him that they've been traveling the world finding out about the situation with the Myrrh trees, and mention that the ones in Conall Curach and Veo Lu Sluice are gone. As they're now returning to Alfitaria, Fox asks to go with them.
Back in Alfitaria, Crea Gilda is spying on Sol Racht chasing after the minister and demanding to know why he's going against the king's orders. The minister doesn't seem to care, and says the next target will be Jack Moschet. Crea reports back to Lu Zhe and Shiberg, who are confined to their room. The minister is suspicious of other races and doesn't want them to wander around the castle.
Meanwhile, the minister is telling Donny Mils (one of Alfitaria's Caravaners) something of his plans. He's planning to get rid of the king and become the ruler of Alfitaria, and gain custody of all the Myrrh trees.
With Princess Fiona and her entourage, Fox has just gathered Myrrh from the tree at Daemon's Court. They head for Alfitaria.

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