Ave Imperium

Ave Imperium (unofficial title, title not released yet) is the song that plays during the final fight with Nael Van Darnus in the Seventh Umbral Era storyline.



Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis
Corvus fortis ascendit
Superne videt praeteritum
Praesentem et futurum videt

Res evertuntur repente
Ad unum omnes sunt mortui dei
Machinae regnabunt in caelo
Ratio regnabit in terra

Corvum candidum exhilaramus
Ecce extendit trans mundi alas
Vocat lucem rubram excidii
Fulget luce rubrae victoriae

Imperium ave!
Ave imperium!
Ave imperium!

Testate adventu fati.
Testate adventu Dalamud!

English translation

The dauntless raven rises up.
From on high, he marks the past;
Marks the present; marks the future.

A revolution is upon us.
All the gods are dead.
Machines will rule the heavens.
Reason will rule the land.

Exalt we the White Raven.
Behold—his wings enfold the world.
He calls down the red light of destruction.
He glows with the red light of victory.

The Empire!
The Empire!
Hail to the Empire!

Bear witness to the advent of Fate.
Bear witness to the advent of Dalamud.

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