Advent Children Soundtrack

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Disc One

01. Opening
02. 約束の地 ~The Promised Land~
03. Beyond the Wasteland
04. Sign
05. ティファのテーマ [Piano Version] (Tifa's Theme [Piano Version])
06. For the Reunion
07. 戦う者達 [Piano Version] (Those Who Fight [Piano Version])
08. Water
09. Materia
10. Black Water
11. エアリスのテーマ [Piano Version] (Aerith's Theme [Piano Version])
12. Battle in the Forgotten City
13. Violator
14. 北の大空洞 [FFVII AC Version] (Northern Crater [FFVII AC Version])

Disc Two

01. 天来 ~Divinity I~
02. 戦う者達 [FFVII AC version] (Those Who Fight [FFVII AC version])
03. 更に戦う者達 [FFVII AC version] (Those Who Fight Further [FFVII AC version])
04. 天来 ~Divinity II~
05. Encounter
06. The Chase on the Highway
07. Savior
08. J-E-N-O-V-A [FFVII AC version]
09. 再臨:片翼の天使 ~Advent: One-Winged Angel~
10. Cloud Smiles
11. End Credits

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