Weather effects have been present in several different Final Fantasies. The first to include changing weather in an area was Final Fantasy XI, after which other titles started including the mechanic.

Weather in Final Fantasies can effect things such as monsters that appear in the area, the potency of your elemental abilities and the routes you can take to get through the area.

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI the weather is divided by its element into 9 categories, all but one of which are elemental. Clear, Fair, Cloudy and Fog weather are not associated with any. If any other weather than the non-elemental ones is present, the element of the weather can be found by the clock and the detection compass on the lower left corner, above the chat box.

Weather affects elemental damage dealt (and in the case of Light element, how much you heal for). Using an elemental spell or other ability during the corresponding element's weather (see below in Weather Patterns) gives a 1/3 chance of giving a 10% increase in regular weather, 25% increase in double weather. In the same way using an elemental spell or ability during the opposing element's weather gives a 1/3 chance of reducing the damage by the same amounts.
Note that the chance to trigger the weather boost can be increased with certain equips and abilities, and likewise the damage increase(/decrease) can be affected. The Scholar job can also change the weather in a certain area of effect with its spells.

Aside from the damage calculation effects, elementals spawn when the corresponding elemental weather is in effect, and certain NMs and monster types can only spawn in certain types of weather. The chance to obtain crystals of the corresponding element is also increased in chocobo digging when an elemental weather is active.

Weather Patterns

Weather patterns depend on the current season. You are more likely to find ice weather in winter and heat waves in summer. Weather also depends on the time of the day, with fog for example being much more common in the late night and early morning hours.
It should also be noted that there are certain clusters of connected areas that always share the same weather, it doesn't suddenly change when moving between directly connected zones. In the table below are mentioned examples, it doesn't list each and every zone where the weather is possible. Please see the page for the zone in question if you're interested in area-specific weather data.

Note that the elemental symbols also indicate how strong the weather is. One weather symbol indicates a lighter version of the weather, with two indicating a stronger version. Another thing of note is that only the non-elemental weather affects special areas such as cities.
There are also environmental effects that may be impacted by the change of weather. For example, in La Theine Plateau it is possible to see a rainbow when the weather changes from rain to clear.

Element Weather JP Names Areas
- Clear
快晴 [kaisei]
晴れ [hare]
曇り [kumori]
霧 [kiri]
All but a few exceptions
wind_ff11.gif Wind 風 [kaze] La Theine Plateau, Grauberg, Vunkerl Inlet, Tahrongi Canyon, Buburimu Bay, Fort Karuno-Narugo, Lufaise Meadows, Riverne, Cape Teriggan, Ru'Aun Gardens, Bhaflau Thicket, Ceizak Battlegrounds, Ferry (Silver Sea Route)
wind_ff11.gif wind_ff11.gif Gales 暴風 [boufuu] Riverne, Cape Teriggan
water_ff11.gif Rain 雨 [ame] La Theine Plateau, Jugner Forest, Rolanberry Fields, Pashhow Marshlands, Buburimu Peninsula, Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Yuhtunga Jungle, Caederva Mire, Talacca Cove, Foret de Hennetiel, Ferry
water_ff11.gif water_ff11.gif Squalls スコール [squall] Yuhtunga Jungle, Ruins of Alzadaal
lightning_ff11.gif Thunder 雷 [ikazuchi] Jugner Forest, Konschtat Highlands, Grauberg, Vunkerl Inlet, Pashhow Marshlands, Sauromugue Champaign, Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Lufaise Meadows, Riverne, Qufim Island, Caederva Mire, Ferry
lightning_ff11.gif lightning_ff11.gif Thunderstorms 雷雨 [raiu] Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Vunkerl Inlet
earth_ff11.gif Dust storms 砂塵 [sajin] Batallia Downs, Konschtat Highlands, Valkurm Dunes, Tahrongi Canyon, Meriphataud Mountains, Sauromugue Champaign, Fort Karugo-Narugo, Altepa Desert, Al Zahbi, Mount Zhayolm
earth_ff11.gif earth_ff11.gif Sandstorms 砂嵐 [suna arashi] Altepa Desert
fire_ff11.gif Hot spells 熱波 [neppa] Valkurm Dunes, Rolanberry Fields, Cape Teriggan, Meriphataud Mountains, Yuhtunga Jungle, Mount Zhayolm, Ceizak Battlegrounds
fire_ff11.gif fire_ff11.gif Heatwaves 灼熱波 [shakuneppa] Yuhtunga Jungle
ice_ff11.gif Snow 雪 [yuki] Batallia Downs, Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard, Uleguerand Range, Arrapago Reef, Talacca Cove
ice_ff11.gif ice_ff11.gif Blizzard 吹雪 [fubuki] Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard, Uleguerand Range
light_ff11.gif Auroras オーロラ [aurora] Qufim Island, Ru'Aun Gardens, Nyzul Isle
light_ff11.gif light_ff11.gif Stellar glare 神光 [shinkou]1 Qufim Island, Limbus Temenos
dark_ff11.gif Gloom 妖霧 [yougiri] Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard, Lufaise Meadows, Caederva Mire, Arrapago Reef, Ashu Talif, Hazhalm Testing Grounds
dark_ff11.gif dark_ff11.gif Miasma 闇 [yami]2 Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard, Hazhalm Testing Grounds, Limbus Apollyon, Dynamis, Walk of Echoes

Weather Forecast

There are several ways to find out the current or upcoming weather in any area. The first of these is weather forecast NPCs. They will literally only forecast though, meaning their forecast may be wrong. Each weather forecast NPC can only predict the weather for their associated region. The second way is to use the item Magian Spectacles, although that can only forecast for the zone you're currently in.

NPC Location Forecast for
Maleme Southern San d'Oria (J-8) Ronfaure
La Theine Plateau
Valkurm Dunes
Jugner Forest
Beaucedine Glacier
Uleguerand Range
Fo Mocorho
Port Bastok (J-11)
Bastok Markets (H-10)
Bastok Mines (I-9)
Valkurm Dunes
Konschtat Highlands
Passhow Marshlands
Altepa Desert
Eya Bhithroh
Port Windurst (M-7)
Windurst Waters (F-8)
Windurst Woods (K-12)
Tahrongi Canyon
Buburimu Peninsula
Meriphataud Mountains
Wachiwi Selbina (H-9) Ronfaure
La Theine Plateau
Valkurm Dunes
Jugner Forest
Batallia Downs
Konschtat Highlands
Pashhow Marshlands
Rolanberry Fields
Cape Teriggan
Pekuku Mhaura (H-9) Sarutabaruta
Tahrongi Canyon
Buburimu Peninsula
Meriphataud Mountains
Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Lower Jeuno (F-11)
Port Jeuno (K-8)
Pashhow Marshlands
Valkurm Dunes
Jugner Forest
Batallia Downs
Rolanberry Fields
Meriphataud Mountains
Sauromugue Champaign
Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Qufim Island
Kazham (G-7)
Norg (H-9)
Yuhtunga Jungle
Yhoator Jungle
Amaja-Kumaja Rabao (F-8) Valkurm Dunes
Cape Teriggan
Altepa Desert
Gennoue Tavnazian Safehold (H-8) Tavnazian Archipelago
Sajaaya Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-9) Wajaom Woodlands
Bhaflau Thickets
Mount Zhayolm
Caederva Mire
Inthius Eastern Adoulin (F-9) Ceizak Battlegrounds
Yahse Hunting Grounds
Foret de Hennetiel
Morimar Basalt Fields
Yorcia Weald
Marjami Ravine
Kamihr Drifts

Final Fantasy XII

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Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIV

Weather in Final Fantasy XIV is integrated into the base system of the game. The weather indicator can be found next to the moon phase indicator, on the upper right corner in the default UI, attached to the map widget.
Aside from the weather types that can be found out in the world, there are also weather effects connected to various events or special battlefields. Both types of weathers have been listed in the tables below.

Weather affects several activities. Certain fish can only be fished up during certain kinds of weather, and certain Sightseeing Log entries can only be registered in a specific type of weather. Mostly however, weather is decorative in this game.

Current and upcoming weather can be tracked via the Skywatcher NPCs, found in every major city and settlement. Each is standing right next to a chocobo weathervane, which makes them easy to distinguish at a glance.
Due to the regular occurrence of weather, they can also be tracked outside of the game through specific tracker sites (EN | JP).

Normal Weather

Under normal conditions, weather only changes at certain times of the day. These times take place every 8 hours, at (Eorzean time) 00.00, 08.00 and 16.00. Some special weather effects may override the regular local weather depending on FATE or story progression.

Note that if two symbols for a weather is displayed below, the first displayed is the 2.0+ version symbol, and the second one was used in 1.x.

Symbol Weather JP Name Areas 2.0+ Areas 1.x
weather_sunny_ff14.png Clear 快晴 [kaisei] Most areas, including dungeons Most areas
weather_clear_ff14.png Fair 晴れ [hare] Most areas, including dungeons Most areas
weather_cloudy_ff14.png Cloudy
(aka Overcast)
曇り [kumori] Most areas, including dungeons Most areas
weather_misty_ff14.png Fog
(Misty 1.x)
霧 [kiri] Most areas La Noscea, Black Shroud
weather_wind_ff14.png weather_gales_ff14.png Wind 風 [kaze] La Noscea, Sea of Clouds, Ruby Sea, Azim Steppe La Noscea, Coerthas
weather_gales_ff14.png Gales 暴風 [boufuu] Western La Noscea, Churning Mists, Eureka Anemos, Azim Steppe, Norvrand -
weather_rain_ff14.png Rain 雨 [ame] Black Shroud, La Noscea, Thanalan, Dravania, Othard, Hingashi, Norvrand La Noscea, Black Shroud, Thanalan, Coerthas
weather_showers_ff14.png Showers 暴雨 [bouu]3 North Shroud, Eastern La Noscea, Eastern Thanalan, Idyllshire, Dravanian Hinterlands, Eureka Hydatos, Yanxia -
weather_thunder_ff14.png Thunder 雷 [ikazuchi] Black Shroud, Upper La Noscea, Dravanian Forelands, Eureka Pagos, Eureka Pyros, Gyr Abania, The Ruby Sea, Bozjan Southern Front, Crystarium -
weather_thunderstorm_ff14.png weather_storm_ff14.png Thunderstorm
(Stormy 1.x)
雷雨 [raiu] South Shroud, Upper La Noscea, Wolves' Den, Eureka Hydatos, The Lochs, Norvrand La Noscea, Black Shroud, Coerthas
weather_duststorm_ff14.png Duststorm
(Sandstorm 1.x)
砂塵 [sajin] Central Thanalan, Dravanian Forelands, The Peaks, Bozjan Southern Front, Amh Araeng Thanalan
weather_heatwave_ff14.png Heatwave 灼熱波 [shakuneppa] Sagolii Desert, Eureka Pagos, Eureka Pyros, Amh Araeng -
weather_snow_ff14.png Snow 雪 [yuki] Ishgard, Coerthas, Eureka Starlight Celebration (cities)
Heavens' Knell (cities)
weather_blizzard_ff14.png Blizzard 吹雪 [fubuki] Coerthas, Eureka Pagos, Eureka Pyros -
weather_miasma_ff14.png Gloom
(Miasma 1.x)
妖霧 [yougiri]4 Mor Dhona, World of Darkness, Eureka Hydatos Mor Dhona
weather_darkness_ff14.png Darkness 闇 [yami] Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (boss fight), Stone Vigil (boss fight) -
weather_umbralstatic_ff14.png Umbral Static 放電 [houden]5 Churning Mists -
weather_umbralwind_ff14.png Umbral Wind 霊風 [reifuu]6 Sea of Clouds, Eureka Pyros -
weather_umbraltempest_ff14.png Umbral Tempest 嵐霊風 [arashi reifuu] The Diadem -
weather_umbrallevin_ff14.png Umbral Levin 雷霊風 [ikazuchi reifuu] The Diadem -
weather_umbralduststorm_ff14.png Umbral Duststorm 土霊風 [tsuchi reifuu] The Diadem -
weather_umbralflare_ff14.png Umbral Flare 焔霊風 [honoo reifuu] The Diadem -
weather_sandstorm_ff14.png Sandstorm 砂嵐 [suna arashi] (unused) -
weather_hotspell_ff14.png Hot Spells 熱波 [neppa] (unused) -

Special Weather

The below types of weather don't appear just anywhere, and are associated with a certain fight or event.

Symbol Weather JP Name Areas
weather_heatwaveifrit_ff14.png Heatwave 灼熱波 [shakuneppa] Bowl of Embers (Ifrit)
weather_gloommoogle_ff14.png Gloom
(Miasma 1.x)
妖霧 [yougiri] Thornmarch (Good King Moggle Mog XII)
weather_galesgaruda_ff14.png Gales 暴風 [boufuu] The Howling Eye (Garuda)
weather_eruptions_ff14.png Eruptions 噴煙 [fun'en] The Navel (Titan)
weather_lour_ff14.png Lour 曇天 [donten]7 Porta Decumana (Ultima Weapon)
weather_torrential_ff14.png Rough Seas 時化 [shike] The Whorleater (Leviathan)
weather_thunderclouds_ff14.png Stormclouds 雷雲 [raiun] The Striking Tree (Ramuh)
weather_aurora_ff14.png Irradiance 極光 [kyokkou]8 Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Shiva)
weather_coreradiation_ff14.png Core Radiation 龍核 [ryuukaku]9 Binding Coils of Bahamut
weather_dragonstorm_ff14.png Dragonstorm 邪天 [jaten]10 The Aery, Steps of Faith (Nidhogg)
weather_shelfclouds_ff14.png Shelf Clouds 群雲 [murakumo] The Limitless Blue (Bismarck)
weather_smoke_ff14.png Smoke 煙霧 [enmu]11 Thok ast Thok (Ravana)
weather_oppression_ff14.png Oppression 神意 [shin'i]12 Singularity Reactor (Knights of the Round)
weather_multiplicity_ff14.png Multiplicity 神秘 [shinpi]13 Containment Bay S1T7 (Sephirot)
weather_concordance_ff14.png Concordance 調和 [chouwa]14 Containment Bay P1T6 (Sophia)
weather_demonicinfinity_ff14.png Demonic Infinity 鬼気 [kiki]15 Containment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan)
weather_beyondtime_ff14.png Beyond Time 時流 [jiryuu]16 Alexander
weather_revelstorm_ff14.png Revelstorm 嵐天 [ranten]17 Pool of Tribute (Susano)
weather_eternalbliss_ff14.png Eternal Bliss 美天 [biten]18 Emanation (Lakshmi)
weather_wyrmstorm_ff14.png Wyrmstorm 龍天 [ryuuten]19 Royal Menagerie (Shinryu)
? 月夜 [tsukiyo] Castrum Fluminis (Tsukuyomi)
? 白嵐 [hakuran] Jade Stoa (Byakko)
? 朱炎 [shuen] Hells' Kier (Suzaku)
? 青春 [seishun] Wreath of Snakes (Seiryu)
? 紅月下 [kuzuki shita]20 Cinder Drift (Ruby Weapon)
weather_blaze_ff14.png Blaze 火炎 [kaen] Aetherial Rift (Chaos)
weather_cyclone_ff14.png Cyclone 竜巻 [tatsumaki] Aetherial Rift (Chaos)
weather_earthquake_ff14.png Earthquake 地震 [jishin] Aetherial Rift (Chaos)
weather_tsunami_ff14.png Tsunami 津波 [tsunami] Aetherial Rift (Chaos)
weather_dimensionaldisruption_ff14.png Dimensional Disruption 次元 [jigen] Aetherial Rift
weather_brilliance_ff14.png Brilliance 光天 [kouten]21 Crown of the Immaculate (Innocense)
? 妖夢 [youmu] Dancing Plague (Titania)
weather_firestorm_ff14.png Firestorm 焔嵐 [honoo arashi] The Empty (Raktapaksa)
FATEs and Story
Symbol Weather JP Name Areas
weather_hopelessness_ff14.png Tension 闘気 [touki]22 Vicinity of the FATE Steel Reign in Black Shroud
weather_royallevin_ff14.png Royal Levin 獣雷 [juurai]23 Vicinity of the FATEs Long Live the Coeurl, Coeurls Chase Boys, and Coeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls in Dravanian Forelands
weather_hyperelectricity_ff14.png Hyperelectricity 雷波 [raiha]24 Vicinity of the FATE Prey Online in Azys Lla
weather_quicklevin_ff14.png Quick Levin 迅雷 [jinrai]25 Vicinity of the FATE A Horse Outside in The Lochs
weather_umbralturbulence_ff14.png Umbral Turbulence 乱霊流 [midare reiryuu]26 Vicinity of the FATE I Don't Want to Believe in Eureka Hydatos
? 記憶乱流 [kioku ranryuu] Gangos (while Cid's memories are heightened)
weather_everlastinglight_ff14.png Everlasting Light 無尽光 [mujinkou] Norvrand (during story)
Symbol Weather JP Name Areas
weather_sakura_ff14.png Cherry Blossoms ? Little Ladies' Day (1.x only)
weather_aurora_ff14.png Aurora ? Everywhere Aug-Sep 2012, Fall of Dalamud
weather_dalamud_ff14.png Dalamudfall ? Everywhere Sep-Nov 2012, Fall of Dalamud

Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy Tactics

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Final Fantasy Type-0

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