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Treasure chests (宝箱 [takarabako] in Japanese) are a common mechanic to anyone who has played just about any type of game ever. They are various kinds of containers (not necessarily always chests) that contain items or gil to help you on your journey.

This page provides an overview of the various kinds of treasure chests that have appeared in Final Fantasies.


This section presents the generic treasure chests - they look the same whatever they contain, they have no extra mechanics to them (either opening or finding them), they merely contain treasure.

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Airborne Brigade

In Airborne Brigade there are several tiers of treasure chests. Each tier gives you different kinds of items when you open them.

Image Name Obtain Treasure
item_woodenchest_ffab.png Wooden Chest
Hit any brigade boss once Weapons N-N+
Scrolls N-N+
item_copperchest_ffab.png Copper Chest
Your brigade made the killing hit on a brigade boss Weapons N-R
Scrolls N-R
item_silverchest_ffab.png Silver Chest
Boss killing rewards
Personal points rewards
Buy with CP during an event
Weapons N-R+
Scrolls N-R+
OR weapons R, scrolls R
item_goldchest_ffab.png Gold Chest
Your brigade deals the most damage on an Esper
Various ranking rewards
Buy with CP during an event
Weapons R-SR
Scrolls R-SR
item_platinumchest_ffab.png Platinum Chest
Various ranking rewards
Collection completion rewards
Buy with CP during an event
Weapons R-SR+
Scrolls R-SR+
item_platinumchest_ffab.png Fat Chocobo Chest Your brigade beats your daily rival Pepio Nut or Krakka Greens
item_crystalchest_ffab.png Crystal Chest Buy with CP during an event Weapons R+-SR+

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