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SE Members is the official Square Enix fan/loyal customer site. The site is divided into three major regions, those of Europe, North America and Japan. Out of these, the Japan site is the most active , although the other region sites offer promotions a few time a year as well. However, most of the remaining content is missing from the other regions.

In its full state of functionality SE Members offers promotions (for physical items as well as downloadable ones), other downloadable content such as wallpapers and avatars, fan community functions, the ability to record your purchased SE products and exchange the points you get for various items, and various mini-games ranging from ones drawn directly from SE games to full-blown original browser games.

To sign up for or sign in to SE Members, you must have a Square Enix Account of the appropriate region - European for Europe Members, North American for NA Members and Japanese for Japan Members.

Game Tie-ins

For various ones of their games, including some Final Fantasies, the SE Members site Japan offers additional functionality.

Dissidia & Duodecim
You can upload your friend card and by linking your friend card data and your SE Members account you gain additional downloadable content. The site also offers an archive of all the official quests and official friend cards, even the ones no longer obtainable through the Mognet feature. You can also upload and share your own quests for other players to try.

Final Fantasy Type-0
You can upload your save data and access data comparison features for the game (both on the site as well as in the game) and can obtain various extra items for your game. You can find a guide to the connectivity here.

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