Rarity Ranks

While a coded-in concept of rarity doesn't exist in most Final Fantasies, some have it built in as a central mechanic of the game. Usually the games involving pre-determined rarity ranks are social and/or casual games, although the MMO FF14 fits into this category as well.

This page provides an overview into the various rarity ranks in Final Fantasies.

Social Type

The social type rarity rankings are mostly the same between games. In these types of games rarity affects just about all items, monsters, abilities and other things you can obtain within the games. Possibly due to the limited space for text in these types of games, each rarity level commonly has an abbreviation. That abbreviation is more commonly used when referring to the rarity rank than the rank's full name is.
Each of the rarity ranks are usually identified in two different ways, although some games are exceptions to this. The first is by name, and the second by appearance, such as fancy borders and background colors.

In the tables below, the ranks roughly equal in rarity are listed on the same line.

By Name

There are two kinds of naming systems. The first is to give actual names for the rarity ranks. The second is to have a star ranking system, with the number of stars something has serving as its rarity rank name.

Naming System
Agito Airborne Brigade Artniks Tactics S Trading Card Game
Normal (N) Normal (N)
Normal+ (N+)
Normal (N) Common (C) Common (C)
Normal+ (N+) Rare (R)
Rare+ (R+)
Rare (R)
Rare+ (R+)
Uncommon (UC) Uncommon (U)
Rare (R) Super Rare (SR)
Super Rare+ (SR+)
Super Rare (SR)
Super Rare+ (SR+)
Rare (R) Rare (R)
Special Rare (SR) Super Special Rare (SSR)
Super Special Rare+ (SSR+)
- Special Rare (SR) Special Rare (S)
Super Special Rare (SSR) Ultra Rare (UR) - Ultra Rare (UR) Legend1 (L) / Epic2 (E)
- - - - Platinum Rare (P)3
Star System
# A New Empire Brave Exvius Explorers-Force G-Bike Grandmasters Legends II
1 1★-2★ 1★-2★ 1★-2★ 1★-2★ 1★-2★ 1★-2★
2 3★ 3★ 3★ 3★ 3★ 3★-4★
3 4★ 4★ 4★ 4★ 4★ 5★-6★
4 5★ 5★ 5★ 5★ 5★ 7★
5 6★ 6★ - - - -
6 - 7★ - - - -
# Meli-melo Mobius Pictlogica Record Keeper WWW
1 1★ 1★-2★ 1★ 1★-2★ 1★-2★
2 2★ 3★ 2★-3★ 3★-4★ 3★
3 3★ 4★ 4★-5★ 5★ 4★
4 4★ 5★ 6★-7★ 6★ -
5 (5★) - Second-rank 1★ (7★) -
6 (6★) - - (8★) -

By Description

Many games have certain defining looks to their rarity ranks in addition to just the name. However, note that not all of them do. Especially the games with the star naming system are often guilty of simply having the stars to differentiate between ranks, making identifying them at a glance sometimes a bit difficult.

# Agito Airborne Brigade A New Empire Artniks
1 Green text
Blue background
Bronze border Dark grey background
Light grey background
Light purple border
2 Purple text
Bronze background
Silver border Green background Dark silver border
Bronze border
3 Yellow text
Silver background
Golden border Blue background Light silver border
Golden border
4 Rainbow text
Golden background
Platinum border Purple background -
5 Rainbow text
Pink platinum background
Rose golden border Yellow background -
6 - - - -
# Brave Exvius G-Bike Grandmasters Meli-melo
1 White crystal/Brown-grey stand
White crystal/Bronze stand
Light grey background
Light green background
? Bronze star
2 Light blue crystal/Light blue stand Light blue background ? Silver star
3 Yellow crystal/Gold stand Light purple background ? Gold star
4 Rainbow crystal/Shimmering blue stand Golden background ? Rainbow star
5 (no native crystal)/Purple stand - ? (no native Mirages)
6 (no native crystal)/Rainbow stand - ? (no native Mirages)
# Mobius Pictlogica Record Keeper Tactics S
1 Brown/grey thin border
Grey/silver thin border
Grey border Dark brown background
Light brown background
Grey border
2 Bronze fancy border Bronze border
Fancy bronze border
Dark grey background
Light grey background
Bronze border
3 Gold fancy border Silver border
Fancy silver border
Gold background Silver border
4 Platinum fancy border Gold border
Fancy gold border
Red background Golden border
5 - Blue swirl background Blue background Fancy golden border
6 - - Yellow background -

MMO Type

The MMO type rarity ranking is present in FF14. It is limited to items, and more specifically equippable items like weapons and armor. The rarity is determined by the color of the item - or more specifically, what the color is that's used in its name in item info and as a gradient in its info pic.
For now, the descriptions used for the rarities are estimates.

Rarity Type of Equip
White Easy craftable (even if obtained through other means)
Green Common dungeon drop (usually can be traded)
Hard craftable (lv50+)
Achievement reward (common)
Event gear
Pink Aetherial gear (rare dungeon drop)
Blue Currency-exchange gear
Achievement reward (rare)
Special rare dungeon drop
Common quested gear
Purple Special quested gear

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