Notorious Monster

A Notorious Monster, NM for short, is a type of a boss in the online Final Fantasies. There are different types of NMs, including normal NMs that are barely tougher than regular monsters, highly notorious monsters that provide a good challenge, and even various special NMs that are nigh on impossible to beat.

All NMs have non-standard names compared to the common mobs, ones describing their characteristics or even ones that are their actual names (in the case of humanoid mobs). In the latter cases the NMs are closer to NPCs than regular monsters, and indeed are sometimes also that.
While many and more NMs have graphics similar (or the same) to normal mobs, quite a few others have their own graphics, at the very least in the form of recolors. This besides the name is another way to identify an NM. In the case of FF11, you can also /check a monster. If it cons Impossible to Gauge, then it is an NM.

Final Fantasy XI

There are numerous different types of NMs in Final Fantasy XI, and more are added quite frequently. As their numbers are in the thousands, it wouldn't be very practical to list them all here. Instead, you can find a list of the different types of NMs below. Please visit the individual pages for the different lists of NMs categorized as that type.

Common Notorious Monsters
Quest and Mission Notorious Monsters

Burning Circle Notorious Monsters (BCNM)
Empty Notorious Monsters (ENM)
Highly Notorious Monsters (HNM)
Imperial Seal Notorious Monsters (ISNM)
Stronghold Notorious Monsters (SNM) (aka SCNM)
Zeni Notorious Monsters (ZNM)
Allied Note Notorious Monsters (ANNM)
Voidwalker Notorious Monsters (VNM)

Final Fantasy XIV

While a newer game and thus having less variety in many ways than its predecessor FF11, Final Fantasy XIV still has quite a few different types of NMs. Similarly to the case with the FF11 NMs, it would be impractical to have one full list of them. Please visit the NM type's page for the actual NM lists.

Common Notorious Monsters (FATEs, leves)
Quest and Mission Notorious Monsters
Dungeon and Raid Notorious Monsters

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