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There are several Final Fantasy games with multiplayer modes. This page strives to present an overview to these modes. Note that the only qualifiers in the main numbered series are the MMO games, and those are a different beast from the regular multiplayer modes. As such, they haven't been listed here.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The multiplayer modes in FF Tactics are only present in the PSP remake subtitled War of the Lions.

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Crystal Chronicles

Crystal Chronicles is built from the ground up to be a multiplayer game. Note, however, that actually achieving multiplayer can be a bit difficult, as all players need to be present around the same console, and each needs to have a GBA device along with a GC-GBA cable to connect to the console. Note however, that only one copy of the game is necessary. Up to four players can participate at a time. The main gameplay happens on the screen connected to the GC, with each player having their own inventories and other personal menus on their GBA screens.

Should some players have characters from their own save files they want to use, characters can be temporarily transferred to another save file in order to experience the multiplayer game. Lacking that, each player can also create a character of their own on the main save file used for their multiplayer game. There are eight character slots, so each player can switch between several characters should they choose to do so.

When playing in multiplayer, each player gets their own version of the current dungeon's map on their GBA screen, as well as their objective for the duration of the dungeon. Completing this objective gives extra points at the end of the dungeon, and the player with the most points gets to choose their dungeon reward first from the limited pool that pops up after the defeat of the boss. As such, there are some competitive elements to the game, but mostly it is advantageous to work together to complete the dungeons and get everyone equipped.

Ring of Fates

Ring of Fates is the first DS entry in the Crystal Chronicles series, and true to its roots it has a quiet good multiplayer system. In this game, however, the singleplayer (=story) and multiplayer campaigns are separate, as are the characters used in each. For the multiplayer mode, each player needs a DS and a copy of the game. There is no online connectivity, so each player needs to be in the same general vicinity to participate.

The multiplayer campaign proceeds by completing various quests, and completing these quests unlocks more quests, shops and other features in the city of Rebena Te Ra. It follows roughly the same areas as the story mode, but with different content.

Note that some multiplayer quests can be done solo. However, most have objectives that are impossible to complete without at the minimum two players.

Echoes of Time

Echoes of Time continues the Crystal Chronicles series multiplayer features. Like the first game in the series, the multiplayer mode is attached to the story mode, although you can play the story solo as well. Each player needs a DS and a copy of the game, and they can freely choose which of the characters on their own game's character roster they will use for the multiplayer. There used to be an online connect feature, but since DS internet services were discontinued, all the players need to be in the same vicinity to be able to connect.

The game proceeds the same in single and multiplayer modes, the only difference is that in multiplayer you cannot bring along NPC companions. Everything can be done with a minimum of two players as long as they are strong enough, although up to four can participate.

Dissidia / Duodecim

There are various matching features in both Dissidia and Duodecim, as befitting their status as fighting games.

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Final Fantasy Type-0

There is a multiplayer feature in FF Type-0, although note that it is present only in the Japanese PSP version of the game. Each player needs a PSP, a copy of the game, and to be in the general vicinity with other players.

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Theatrhythm: Curtain Call

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Final Fantasy Explorers

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Final Fantasy Mobius

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