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Instead of the Final Fantasy tradition of practically all mounts being chocobos, Final Fantasy XIV presents a varied mount system for the players. The main mount is naturally still chocobo, but in addition to the birds you can also ride various other beasts and machines. The details of obtaining the various mounts are below.



Chocobo, being the main mount so far, has a rather more varied outlook than the other mounts. You can rent one from the various chocobo rental services in towns and some other locations, and in the future you can raise one as well. There is also word of a system of equipping armor on your chocobo.

Your first chocobo you can buy after joining a Grand Company as a private. This is accomplished simply buy talking to your company's quartermaster and buying the allowance. After this, head to the city's own chocobo rental establishment, who will supply you with a male chocobo you can call upon at any time. The item you'll receive is a Chocobo Whistle.

Another chocobo (pictured) was exclusive only for the Legacy members. Any Legacy member obtained it upon the release of version 2.0.


Goobbue is a timed exclusive for the players who play FF14 before the release of 2.0. It can be obtained simply by talking to Wandering Minstrel in La Noscea (26,35) with a character who has at least one class above level 30.

You will receive a Goobbue Horn which you can use to summon your goobbue.

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