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LP has appeared in two meanings to date, one meaning License Points, the other having an unknown word.

License Point

LP appeared as License Points in Final Fantasy XII. You would gain a certain amount of LP per kill (predetermined by the type of opponent), and could use that LP to gain licenses on the license board. Without licenses, you couldn't use your abilities and spells or equip your weapons and armor even if you had them.

Each of the six characters would gain LP and exp when not present in the party, so you could level your present characters without a worry in that regard.

Unknown LP

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade also had LP present, although it isn't known what it stood for in that game. It was used to advance in quests, with each step consuming an amount of LP depending on the quest.

LP would regen at a rate of 1 per 3 minutes, and refresh to max every time you gained a level. You would gain more max LP by leveling up, although the absolute maximum you could get was set at 300 LP.

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