A guildleve is a plate of stained crystal set in a frame of precious metal. Each depicts a virtuous deed done by a patron saint of Eorzea. Having a leve in your possession will allow you to do things normally restricted, like hunt or harvest on private grounds or have negotiations with those normally considered enemies. Leves are distributed by the guilds of Eorzea, and are somewhat of an equivalent of sidequest-systems in some other games.

Each leve plate has certain information on it. The top of the plate has the theme of the leve, and the picture on it supports this theme. On the lower right corner of the plate is the name of the issuing city of the leve. If you've completed the leve before, you also get a red wax seal on the upper right corner to display this fact.
Other than the information displayed openly, the leve has a certain information in a magical seal placed on it.1 Once you attune to an aetheryte or aetherial gate that the magical seal is keyed to, you in fact activate the permissions on it, and ensure that once the duties of the leve are completed, an aetherial node opens that clears your way back to the aetheryte or aetherial gate. From this aetherial node you will also retrieve your reward for completing the duties of the leve. The leve plates are made from crystal to make the process of attuning one to an aetheryte easier.

Leve Plates

Existing Leves

This section has all the leve types that have been used in the game so far.

leve_constancy_ff14.jpg leve_devotion_ff14.jpg leve_diligence_ff14.jpg leve_industry_ff14.jpg
Constancy Devotion Diligence Industry
Local/Crafting Battle/Defending Battle/Small enemies Faction/Gathering
leve_ingenuity_ff14.jpg leve_justice_ff14.jpg leve_munificence_ff14.jpg leve_piety_ff14.jpg
Ingenuity Justice Munificence Piety
Local/Crafting GC/Protect target Gathering/Procure items Gathering/Investigate
leve_promptitude_ff14.jpg leve_temperance_ff14.jpg leve_tenacity_ff14.jpg leve_valor_ff14.jpg
Promptitude Temperance Tenacity Valor
GC/Kill enemies ? Battle/Chase Battle/Big enemies
leve_veracity_ff14.jpg leve_wisdom_ff14.jpg
Veracity Wisdom
Battle/Disguised target Battle/Necrologos

Unused Leves

This section lists the leve types that haven't (yet) been used within the game. The exception to this is the Resolve leve. While it isn't in the actual game, it makes an appearance in the 1.x version introduction video as a trigger to the male hyur's Echo use.
Of the rest, nothing much can be said. It might be that Sympathy was once meant to be used for caravan escort, though, considering the picture on it.

leve_ambition_ff14.jpg leve_benevolence_ff14.jpg leve_candor_ff14.jpg leve_charity_ff14.jpg
Ambition Benevolence Candor Charity
leve_concorde_ff14.jpg leve_confidence_ff14.jpg leve_contentment_ff14.jpg leve_courage_ff14.jpg
Concorde Confidence Contentment Courage
leve_equity_ff14.jpg leve_hability_ff14.jpg leve_prudence_ff14.jpg leve_resolve_ff14.jpg
Equity Hability Prudence Resolve
leve_sapience_ff14.jpg leve_sympathy_ff14.jpg leve_temperance_ff14.jpg
Sapience Sympathy Temperance

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