Crysta (the same word is used in all languages) is an online payment currency of Square Enix. It it used, among other things, to pay for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV subscriptions, as well as any related DLC and SE Members goodies.

The currency conversion for Crysta is very simple. 100 Crysta equals 1€, 1$, 1£, or 100¥. The ways to buy Crysta vary by country, although usually include at the very least PayPal. The billing service for PayPal might be through the services of another company, although signing up in this case is required only for PayPal. Credit card payment, bank transfers and other common payment methods are also available, check your account for the exact details available in your service region.

Crysta can only be added through the Square Enix Account system. It is a sign-in service that spans various online Square Enix games and other services, such as the Square Enix Members service. The service is region-locked, to be able to link your SE Account (which includes your Crysta) to a service they must be of the same region. These regions are Europe, Japan and North America. Other regions may exist.

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