There are three distinct associations with CP to date, those of Capacity, Clan, Crafting and Crystal points. This page introduces each of them.

Capacity Points

Capacity Points are a resource that determines how many and what type of abilities you can equip on any given character in the Dissidia series.

You gain more CP by leveling up, up to a certain maximum (dependent on the character). Each ability has a CP cost associated with it. It starts out high and becomes lower after you master the ability. You must work with these two boundaries and create a good ability set to fight with.

Clan Points

Clan Points are basically exp points of Clan Rank in Final Fantasy XII and Tactics S, as gaining more of it allows you to raise in clan ranks.

You can gain CP by fighting (any fight will do in 12, for TS quest battles and quest bosses, including key quests and even quests). The amount you get is dependent on the enemy you face and their level (12) or the number of enemies you face and their level (TS).

Once you have enough to gain the next clan rank, you do so automatically after the battle. Note that as in TS with every clan rank up you gain all your LP gets refreshed to full, you might want to try use up all accumulated LP on the previous level if you can.

Crafting Points

Crafting Points are a type of resource for the various Discipline of Hand classes in Final Fantasy XIV. They are consumed on using crafting abilities during synthesis.

You can gain more CP by leveling up. Your CP is refreshed to full after each synthesis, so there is no reason to conserve it between crafts. The best strategy is to think of what your goals are in making that item (high quality, mass production, etc) and use as many abilities that contribute that goal as your CP and the item's durability let you use.

Crystal Points


Crystal Points are an event-specific currency in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

You usually gain CP buy defeating event bosses. The amount you get is proportional to the damage you deal to the boss, and you gain a defeat bonus (scaled by the amount of damage you dealt) if the boss dies.
CP is used to buy various treasure chests which may contain event-specific weapons. Sometimes the CP-buyable selection also includes scrolls to level with.

For details on how to use CP in each event, pick your event here.

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