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A catalyst is required in Final Fantasy XIV to meld materia into equipment. For the different grades of materia, different catalysts are required, and the catalyst required varies by the type of materia as well.
While materia itself can be obtained by any class, catalysts can only be obtained by gatherer-type classes, and only after they have completed the quest Joining the Spirit. You must have reached at least level 18 in one Disciple of the Land class for it to be available.


To find a catalyst while gathering, in addition to having done the quest and being in the right location on the right class, you must have the ability Fingerprints of the Gods equipped. This is obtained from the aforementioned quest. Further, this ability activates randomly like any other gathering ability, and you can only find catalysts while the ability is active.

You cannot miss the ability activating. Your Approach gauge will start flashing pink. This means that if you hit the right place on the gauge you can find catalysts. The right place on the gauge is always the top and the bottom notches, nothing else will yield them. You can be certain you've found the right notch when the following class-specific gauge flashes pink like the Approach gauge.

The exact angle you must hit in the class-specific gauge depends on the catalyst itself.
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Each catalyst can currently only be found in one area on one specific class. See below for the specifics of what catalysts each class can find.

By Class

Catalyst Area Grade
Carbonized Matter Horizon's Edge Grade 3
Petrified Matter Nophica's Wells Grade 4
Fossilized Matter Dragonhead Grade 5
Crystallized Matter Treespeak Grade 5
Catalyst Area Grade
Germinated Matter Tranquil Paths Grade 3
Decayed Matter Humblehearth Grade 4
Decomposed Matter Iron Lake Grade 5
Liquefied Matter Halatali Grade 5
Catalyst Area Grade
Calcified Matter Bloodshore Grade 3
Cultured Matter Cedarwood Grade 4
Ossified Matter Bald Knoll Grade 5
Cretified Matter Nine Ivies Grade 5

By Location

Tranquil Paths - Germinated Matter - Botanist
Humblehearth - Decayed Matter - Botanist
Nine Ivies - Cretified Matter - Botanist
Treespeak - Crystallized Matter - Miner

Limsa Lominsa
Bloodshore - Calcified Matter - Fisher
Cedarwood - Cultured Matter - Fisher
Bald Knoll - Ossified Matter - Fisher
Iron Lake - Decomposed Matter - Botanist

Horizon's Edge - Carbonized Matter - Miner
Nophica's Wells - Petrified Matter - Miner
Halatali - Liquefied Matter - Botanist

Dragonhead - Fossilized Matter - Miner

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