Armory System

Armory System (アーマリーシステム [armory system] in Japanese) is the job and equipment changing system in Final Fantasy XIV. The name is said to reflect the ease of switching between various classes and the way you play your class.

Weapons and Tools

At the very basis of the Armory System lies the ability to change your class by changing your main-hand weapon or tool. Each class has their own class rank, separate from your physical level, and while getting a higher rank in one class will let you learn that class's abilities, you can also use most abilities from other classes, providing you have enough Ability Points (AP) to equip them. You gain more AP through gaining new ranks, and AP gained only affects the class it was gained on.

Note that while the abilities and equipment from your previous class will stay equipped, they might not be very optimal - or usable at all in some cases - on your new class. Because of this, it is recommended to make separate macros to change your equipped abilities and equipment to take full advantage of the system. Should writing macros intimidate you, you can change them manually as well, although this takes much more time.

Finally, note that you cannot change your class when engaged with an enemy, or while in active mode. Same goes for equipping abilities, you cannot change your ability list when engaged or in active mode.


While most equipment does not have any restrictions on what class can equip it, quite a few have restrictions on what classes can take advantage of the full stats on the piece of equipment in question. If the equipment gives 'favor' to several classes, only the classes mentioned will gain the full stats mentioned on it, and the others will gain significantly reduced stats.

Likewise, while there is a recommended level on all equipment, so far it seems that you can equip anything at any level. However, equipping an item while below the recommended level will cause the stats on it to be scaled down, sometimes significantly. Equipping something above your level will also have the effect of it causing to wear down faster, making you use more money or resources in repairing your equipment. The rate at which durability falls seems to go quickly higher the more below the recommended level your current class is.

Do note that currently, the increase or decrease in stats shown on the equip's stats doesn't take into account either level scaling or favored classes. If either of the two situations applies to you, the only way you can find out what stats an equip will give you is to pay attention to your actual stats before and after actually equipping it.

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