Legend of Eternal Wind

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Legend of Eternal Wind: From Final Fantasy III is a manga version of Final Fantasy III. It was written by Kenji Terada and drawn by Kinutani Yuu. All three volumes were first released by Kadokawashoten in 1990.


Volume 1


There was a great calamity in the past. During it, the Crystals were lost to mankind, and monsters appeared. In the present day in the Valley of Wind, Ur, a group of boys stops a monster from harassing a merchant. These boys are Moochi, J Bowie and Doug. After disposing of the monster, they make off with some of the merchant's merchandise, bringing it to their own village. Food is scarce these days, everything is dying. Elder Topapa, the surrogate father of the boys, scolds the three for doing what they did. Afterwards, when speaking to the gods of the Wind, they tell him to send out the three boys to find the Temple of Wind where the Wind Crystal lies.

The three head out and find the Temple. There is someone already there, however, being attacked by monsters. It is Melphie, the last of a hunter tribe. The four team up and dispose of the monsters. Right after, a giant crystal appears above the temple. It gives talks to the four, gives them power, and then disappears, having spent its remaining power.

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Volume 2


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Volume 3

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