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Wayfarer (冒険家 [boukenka] or 'adventurer' in Japanese) is a job similar to Onion Knight in that they are (were) both originally beginner jobs. However, unlike Onion Knights Wayfarers specialize in the use of items and running away from battle, and although they do have some offensive capabilities they are not strong at all.
There is also another type of Wayfarer job, which was translated as 'Treasure Hunter'. This version of the job was basically a Thief, unlike the modern-day Wayfarer which is more akin to Alchemist.

Wayfarers can often be recognized by their feathered hats and their tendency to travel with animal companions. Character examples of Wayfarers are Adventurer from FF4HL, Locke Cole from FF6, and Wrieg from FFLCT.

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