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The FF Brave Exvius character unit system is easy enough to understand. Each unit has a minimum and maximum rarity rank it can appear as, and a max level that is determined by its current rank. Max level units can advance in rank through the Awakening system, and will start the next rank back from level 1.

Trust Master
Once a Trust is Mastered (that is to say, at 100%), you gain the equip or ability reward corresponding to the character. Trust is gained randomly after each battle (0.1% at a time when gained at all) or through fusing the base chara with special Trust material units.

Note that fusing the base chara with another unit of the same chara gives 5.0% Trust Master. Note also that accumulated Trust Master amounts are transferred when fusing with the same chara. If you, for example, have a ★3 Zidane with 2.6% Trust Master, and a fresh ★4 Zidane from the gacha with 0% Trust Master. Use the fresh Zidane as a base and fuse the old ★3 Zidane into it, and the base gains 5.0+2.6=7.6% Trust Master. Due to this, and how Trust Master is gained randomly after battles, the most efficient method for leveling it is to have a full party of the same character, and after their accumulated total Trust Master equals or exceeds 100%, just fuse them all together and you're done.

Equips and Abilities
Each character unit can equip main hand, off hand, head, body, and two accessory slots, and many can equip additional abilities as well (number determined by the character and its rank). Normally, abilities are gained by leveling up, equipping equips that have that ability attached, and equipping an Eidolon that has learned that ability. When obtained, all units start out not equipped with anything, you must procure your equips another way.

Note that there is an initial limit of 50 units in your character unit inventory. This can be expanded from the shop, for 100 Lapis per 5 additional slots. Absolute maximum character inventory you can have is 300.


Leveling happens as usual in FFBE by gaining exp in battles. In addition, when additional units are fused into a base unit the base unit will gain a certain amount of exp depending on its rank and level. The cactuar-type units deviate from this, as they are special units designed to give a lot of exp when fused into another unit. They are the most efficient way of leveling by a far margin.

Each unit has a certain amount of exp they require to level up. Below is a table with the different exp requirement patterns and the exp requirements themselves. Please refer to the characters' pages to see which character follows which pattern.
Note that the amounts of exp listed are not cumulative, cumulative totals are listed at the bottom of the table. Also the exp required for level is not listed for each level, but in certain intervals.

Level x1 Type x2 Type x3 Type x4 Type x5 Type x6 Type
5 84 168 252 337 421 ?
10 318 636 953 1,271 1,589 ?
15 636 1,272 1,908 2,544 3,180 ?
20 1,020 2,040 3,060 4,080 5,100 ?
30 1,950 3,901 5,851 7,801 9,752 ?
40 3,062 6,124 9,186 12,248 15,311 ?
50 4,330 8,659 12,989 17,318 21,648 ?
60 5,735 11,471 17,206 22,941 28,677 ?
70 7,267 14,534 21,801 29,068 36,335 ?
80 8,915 17,830 26,745 35,661 44,576 ?
90 ? 21,344 ? 42,461 ? ?
100 ? 25,062 ? 49,261 ? ?
Total 30 23,222 46,442 69,664 92,883 116,106 ?
Total 40 48,703 97,403 146,108 194,806 243,510 ?
Total 60 137,094 274,185 411,280 548,366 685,465 ?
Total 80 284,416 568,826 853,241 1,137,652 1,422,072 ?
Total 100 ? 1,000,000 ? 1,993,067 ? ?


Awakening (覚醒 [kakusei] or 'awakening' in Japanese) is how units can advance in rarity rank in FFBE. A character must be max level to be able to Awaken (and have a further rank available to them, the type of unit determines the max rank). The process requires various different Awakening materials as well as an amount of gil dependent on the rank they're being Awakened to.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6
Max Chara Level 15 30 40 60 80 100
Max LB Level 3 5 10 15 20 25
Cost to Awaken - 250 gil 750 gil 1,500 gil 2,500 gil 4,000 gil

Limit Burst

In addition to rank and character level, there are also several other things to level on a character. One of these is the Limit Burst level. Each Limit Burst gains affinity through usage, and has a maximum level of 25 (at rank 6). Limit Burst level and usage count carries over between ranks. In addition to using a Limit Burst, affinity can be gained by fusing the base chara with special Burst material units. Fusing a base unit with another of the same character does not give any Burst affinity.

Note that if you gain a Limit Burst level on a lower rarity rank for that character, the LB level carries over to the next rarity rank. As the usage requirement for each LB level rises between rarity ranks of characters, if you want to reach the highest LB levels faster, you should train your LB level to highest it can go for that rarity rank before Awakening the character. This way, you can skip much of the required leveling. Note that due to this, the fastest you can get to highest LB level varies by which rarity rank the character starts out from.

Below is a table for how much affinity (usages) is required for the next level for different ranks. Note that the amount listed is not cumulative, and the tnl is not listed for each level. Cumulative total is listed at the bottom, first for a 'fresh' character (did not gain any LB levels at previous ranks) and next for the various starting/max ranks. Note that those start/max combinations that are not possible in the game have not been listed.

Limit Burst Lv Rank 1 Rank 2
(from rank 1)
Rank 2
Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6
1 60 100 160 300 750 1,450 2,400
3 (max) 200 260 400 850 1,550 2,500
5 - (max) (max) 500 950 1,650 2,600
10 - - - (max) 1,200 1,900 2,850
15 - - - - (max) 2,150 3,100
20 - - - - - (max) 3,350
Total (fresh) 170 700 940 4,500 15,050 36,100 71,400
Total (1->) 170 450 - - - - -
Total (2->) - - 940 3,000 - - -
Total (3->) - - - 4,500 6,500 11,250 17,250
Total (4->) - - - - 15,050 11,250 17,250
Total (5->) - - - - - 36,100 17,250


While Eidolons could be considered units, they are not character units but are instead covered by a system of their own. Eidolons can be evolved from rank to rank, and have a max level as character units do, but their evolving happens by going back to the place you recruited them from and winning the evolve battle.

Likewise, Eidolons do not gain exp through battles, but must be leveled up with magicite. Each Eidolon has a color of magicite that provides more exp than usual for them. When they gain levels they gain stats, but also SP. SP can be used to learn various abilities (passive abilities, active abilities, magic) from their SP board. Note that at higher ranks Eidolons will not gain enough SP to learn all of the nodes on their SP board, so you must choose what to learn.

When equipped to the same party slot as a character, an Eidolon will provide not only their special Eidolon ability to use for that character, but they will also provide a stat boost and allow use of all the abilities they have learnt.

Material Units

This section simply lists the various material-type units available in the game. The list is divided by the type of unit.

Gil Units
Mini Gil Turtle
Gil Turtle
Gil Turtle Family
King Gil Turtle

Exp Units
Metal Cactoid
Metal Cactoid King
Metal Cactuar
Metal Gigantuar

Trust Units
Trust Moogle

Burst Units
Mini Burst Pot
Burst Pot
Burst Pot King

Stat Up Units
Mini Def Pot
Mini Intelli Pot
Mini Magi Pot
Mini Power Pot
Mini Spir Pot
Mini Tough Pot
Def Pot
Intelli Pot
Magi Pot
Power Pot
Spir Pot
Tough Pot
Def Pot King
Intelli Pot King
Magi Pot King
Power Pot King
Spir Pot King
Tough Pot King

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