Tinker (からくり士 [karakurishi] in Japanese. Can mean either 'gadget master' or 'mechanical doll master') is an oddball job that has also been translated as 'Gadgeteer' and 'Puppetmaster' along the years. It is notable for having a different translation for each appearance it has had. Commonly the job tinkers with various gadgets and dolls for various effects, and when forced to fight themselves is a hand-to-hand fighter.
Some examples of Tinkers (Puppetmasters) are Aphmau and Iruki-Waraki in FF11.

Final Fantasy XI

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Tactics Advance

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Grimoire of the Rift

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Trading Card Game

Tinker has appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Lightning element. Note that in the cards the spelling for the Tinker/Puppetmaster originating in the Tactics series is in katakana, while its Tinker/Puppetmaster counterpart from FF11 is spelled in hiragana. This makes it a different card for the purposes of FF-TCG. However, the katakana variant is not used elsewhere, the Tinker in the Tactics series is always referred to with hiragana in the games themselves.

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6-061C Tinker 8-061C Puppetmaster 10-087C Puppetmaster

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