Summoner (FF14)


Scholar can be unlocked at level 30 Arcanist and level 15 Thaumaturge, after completing the main scenario quest Sylph-management.

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These are Summoner's job quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your Arcanist/Summoner, and the first of them unlocks the job itself.

Level 2.0+ Quest
30 Austerities of Flame
35 Austerities of Earth
40 Shadowing the Summoner
45 Allagan Attire
Austerities of Wind
50 Primal Burdens
A Fitting Tomestone
52 A Matter of Fact
54 A Miner Negotiation
56 Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad
58 I Could Have Tranced All Night
60 A Flare for the Dramatic


Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities and spells you can only learn and use as a Summoner. Note that learning these isn't automatic, each comes from a different quest that is unlocked at the level mentioned.
Note that the English translation of FF14 uses a numbered system for spells instead of the traditional -ra -ga system. Below the real name of spells has been noted in parenthesis.

Level 2.0+ Ability
30 Summon III (Ifrit Egi)
35 Fester
40 Tri-bind
45 Spur
50 Enkindle
52 Painflare
54 Ruin III (Ruinga)
56 Tri-disaster
58 Dreadwyrm Trance
60 Deathflare

Summoner can also use the following Limit Break abilities.

Type Ability
Limit Break Lv 1 Skyshard
Limit Break Lv 2 Starstorm
Limit Break Lv 3 Teraflare
Adrenaline Rush Cometeor

Secondary Abilities

Below you can find what abilities Summoner inherits from its base class Arcanist. Note that only abilities are listed, please see Arcanist's page for traits.

Arcanist Learnables
Level 1 - Ruin
Level 2 - Bio
Level 4 - Summon (Garuda Egi), Physick
Level 6 - Aetherflow
Level 8 - Energy Drain
Level 10 - Miasma
Level 12 - Virus
Level 15 - Summon II (Titan Egi)
Level 18 - Sustain
Level 22 - Resurrection
Level 26 - Bio II (Biora)
Level 30 - Bane
Level 34 - Eye for an Eye
Level 38 - Ruin II (Ruinra)
Level 42 - Rouse
Level 46 - Miasma II (Miasra)
Level 60 - Shadow Flare

Pet Commands

PVP Abilities
Aetheric Burst
Mana Draw
Misty Veil

Cross-class Abilities

The following is a list of the cross-class abilities Summoner can use.

Archer Thaumaturge
Raging Strikes
Hawk's Eye
Quelling Strikes


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Summoners.


Relic Weapon/Zodiac Weapon (lv50/i80-135)
The Veil of Wiyu
The Veil of Wiyu Zenith
The Veil of Wiyu Atma
The Veil of Wiyu Animus
The Veil of Wiyu Novus
The Veil of Wiyu Nexus
Apocalypse Zeta


Artifact Armor (AF) (lv45-50)
Evoker's Horn
Evoker's Doublet
Evoker's Ringbands
Evoker's Waistclout
Evoker's Thighboots

Relic Armor (lv50/i90)
Summoner's Horn
Summoner's Doublet
Summoner's Ringbands
Summoner's Waistclout
Summoner's Thighboots

Artifact Armor 2 (AF2) (Lv60/i210)
Caller's Horn
Caller's Himation
Caller's Armlets
Caller's Loincloth
Caller's Sandals

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