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Sorcerer is a powerful mage in a few Final Fantasies. Even as few as its appearances are, the English job is combined from two different Japanese-language jobs. The first of these is ソーサラー [sorcerer], the second is ウィッチ [witch]. There are no character examples of either, and the two jobs do not have any common traits beyond their English translation and the fact that they are both magic-based.

Note that witches have been translated as 'sorceresses' before in Final Fantasy VIII, and Square Enix's continued reluctance to portray main characters as witches in English could explain away this translation.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Sorcerer (ウィッチ [witch] in Japanese) is a job found in the DLC Requiem of the Goddess, used exclusively by Lightning. It is her equivalent of Saboteur. Note that her actual stats depend on her level, not her role, so they can be found on her own page.

Obtain: level 6
Role Bonus: ATB gauge speed -49%

Command Abilities
Level 6 - Chaos

Category: Jobs

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