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Shaman is a mage job that is very rarely used in Final Fantasies. The English job is a combination of two different Japanese jobs, those of シャーマン [shaman] and 呪術師 [jujutsushi] or 'witch doctor'. The latter is also known as 'Thaumaturge'. The first job is a mage that deals physical damage, the latter deals in debuffing your enemies. As both type of appearances of this job are very rare, there are no character examples for it.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Paladin (シャーマン [shaman] in Japanese) is a job found in the DLC Requiem of the Goddess, used exclusively by Lightning. It is her equivalent of a physical-attack focused Ravager. Note that her actual stats depend on her level, not her role, so they can be found on her own page.

Obtain: default (level 0)
Role Bonus: ATB speed +50%, Chain bonus rise +1.0

Command Abilities
Level 0 - Galestrike
Level 4 - Windstorm
Level 7 - Bladestorm

4 Heroes of Light

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