Samurai (FF14)

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Samurai can be unlocked after reaching level 50 in another job, and it requires the Stormblood expansion. It starts at level 50.

Samurai has two separate job gauges, the Sen gauge and the Kenki gauge. Sen gauge takes the form of three symbols, the Setsu (雪 meaning 'snow'), Getsu (月 meaning 'moon') and Ka (花 meaning 'flower') symbols. Depending on how many of these are lit up, different weaponskills are executed when the ability Iaijutsu is used. Note that on lower levels, not all of the available weaponskills for Iaijutsu have been learnt yet.
The Kenki (剣気 meaning 'sword energy') gauge takes the form of a sword that fills with red when Kenki accumulates. This can then be used to execute various Hissatsu (必殺剣 [hissatsuken], also translated as Bushido in previous titles) skills.

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These are Samurai's job quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your Samurai, and the first of them unlocks the job itself.

Level Quest
The Way of the Samurai
50 Master Musosai
52 The Sands of Debt
54 Blood on the Deck
56 A Fraudster in the Forest
58 Tears in the Snow
60 The Face of True Evil
60 A Dignified Visitor
63 Trials of the Sekiseigumi
65 Matsuba Mayhem
68 The Hunt for Ugetsu
70 The Battle on Bekko


Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities and weaponskills you can only learn and use as a Samurai. The level 60 and level 70 abilities come from quests, the others are learned through leveling.

Level Ability Type
1 Hakaze Weaponskill
4 Jinpu Weaponskill
6 Third Eye Ability
10 Ageha Ability
15 Enpi Weaponskill
18 Shifu Weaponskill
26 Fuga Weaponskill
30 Iaijutsu Weaponskill
30 Gekko Weaponskill
30 Higanbana Weaponskill
35 Mangetsu Weaponskill
40 Kasha Weaponskill
40 Tenka Goken Weaponskill
45 Oka Weaponskill
50 Meikyo Shisui Ability
50 Yukikaze Weaponskill
50 Midare Setsugekka Weaponskill
52 Hissatsu Kaiten Ability
54 Hissatsu Gyoten Ability
56 Hissatsu Yaten Ability
58 Merciful Eyes Ability
60 Meditate Ability
62 Hissatsu Shinten Ability
64 Hissatsu Kyuten Ability
66 Hissatsu Seigan Ability
68 Hagakure Ability
70 Hissatsu Guren Ability

Samurai can also use the following Limit Break abilities.

Type Ability
Limit Break Lv 1 Braver
Limit Break Lv 2 Bladedance
Limit Break Lv 3 Doom of the Living
Adrenaline Rush Raw Destruction

Secondary Abilities

Below is a list of abilities that Samurai can use by other means.

Role Abilities
Level 8 - Second Wind
Level 12 - Arm's Length
Level 16 - Leg Sweep
Level 20 - Diversion
Level 24 - Invigorate
Level 32 - Bloodbath
Level 36 - Goad
Level 40 - Feint
Level 44 - Crutch
Level 48 - True North


Level 20 - Enhanced Strength
Level 40 - Enhanced Strength II
Level 52 - Kenki Mastery
Level 60 - Enhanced Strength III
Level 62 - Kenki Mastery II


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Samurai.

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