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Unlocking Red Mage requires having the Stormblood expansion and having a Disciple of War or Magic level 50. It starts at level 50, and is not tied to a class.

Red Mage's playstyle depends on the alternation of black magic, white magic, and weaponskills. Upon the use of black and white mana gauges fill up, and these can be used to power up the weaponskills. Note that if the disrepancy between accumulated black and white mana gets too large, the disadvantaged type of magic will only accumulate half the mana as usual.

Upon unlocking the class you will receive the level 50 equipment set.


These are Red Mage's job quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your Red Mage, and the first of them unlocks the job itself.

Level Quest
Taking the Red
50 The Crimson Duelist
52 A Rewarding Struggle
56 A Vermilion Vendetta
58 On Lambard's Tail
60 Stained in Scarlet
60 The Color of Her Hair
63 Traced in Blood
65 Nightkin
68 Child of Lilith
70 With Heart and Steel


Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities and spells you can only learn and use as a Red Mage. Note that learning these isn't necessarily automatic, some come from a quest that is unlocked at the level mentioned. The early level listed is for the sake of syncing down, as they already been learnt by default upon unlocking.

Note that the official English version of FF14 uses a numbered tier system instead of the FF -ra -ga tier system. Below, the real name of the applicable spells has been included in parenthesis for easier understanding.

Level Ability Type
1 Riposte
Enchanted Riposte
2 Jolt Black & White Magic
4 Verthunder Black Magic
6 Corps-a-Corps Ability
10 Veraero White Magic
15 Tether Ability
18 Scatter Black & White Magic
26 Verfire Black Magic
30 Verstone White Magic
35 Zwerchhau
Enchanted Zwerchhau
40 Displacement Ability
45 Fleche Ability
50 Acceleration Ability
50 Redoublement
Enchanted Redoublement
52 Moulinet
Enchanted Moulinet
54 Vercure White Magic
56 Contre Sixte Ability
58 Embolden Ability
60 Manafication Ability
62 Jolt II (Joltra) Black & White Magic
64 Verraise White Magic
66 Impact Black & White Magic
68 Verflare Black Magic
70 Verholy White Magic

Red Mage can also use the following Limit Break abilities.

Type Ability
Limit Break Lv 1 Skyshard
Limit Break Lv 2 Starstorm
Limit Break Lv 3 Vermillion Scourge
Adrenaline Rush Cometeor

Job Traits

Level 1 - Dualcast
Level 20 - Enhanced Intelligence, Maim and Mend
Level 40 - Enhanced Intelligence II, Maim and Mend II
Level 60 - Enhanced Intelligence III
Level 62 - Enhanced Jolt
Level 66 - Enhanced Jolt II

Role Abilities

The following is what role abilities Red Mage can choose from to use.

Level 8 - Addle
Level 12 - Break
Level 16 - Drain
Level 20 - Diversion
Level 24 - Lucid Dreaming
Level 32 - Swiftcast
Level 36 - Mana Shift
Level 40 - Apocatastasis
Level 44 - Surecast
Level 48 - Erase


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Red Mages.


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