Necromancer (ネクロマンサー [necromancer] in Japanese) is a very new job in the Final Fantasies, and one that has only been used once in the series so far. Not much can be said of the job, but they seem to rely on being Undead and dealing magical damage.

There are no character examples of necromancers.

Final Fantasy V

"Dark wizards who are masters of the undead, and have no fear of the Dark Arts"

Necromancer was one of extra jobs added for the GBA release of the game, and wasn't present in earlier versions. Their have a high Magic stat and have some good abilities in their selection and equipment that supports them. Do note though that to learn their abilities, Necromancers need to deal killing blows on certain monsters. Also what makes them a bit hard to use is their inherent Undead status, as healing items and spells will damage them instead.

Unlock: Sealed Temple
Command Ability: Dark Arts
Innate Abilities: Undead
AP to Master: 750 AP
Bonuses on Mastering (for FRE/MIM): MAG, STA, STR, AGI



Stat Modifiers
Strength: +4
Agility: +1
Stamina: +21
Magic: +29


Level 1: Oath (15 AP)
Level 2: Dark Arts 1 (30 AP)
Level 3: Dark Arts 2 (45 AP)
Level 4: Dark Arts 3 (60 AP)
Level 5: Dark Arts 4 (100 AP)
Level 6: Dark Arts 5 (200 AP)
Level 7: Undead (300 AP)

Level Dark Arts
Dark Arts 1 Drain Touch, Dark Haze
Dark Arts 2 Deep Freeze, Evil Mist
Dark Arts 3 Meltdown, Hellwind
Dark Arts 4 Chaos Drive, Curse
Dark Arts 5 Dark Flare, Doomsday


Weapons: Rod, Dagger
Shield: -
Head: Hats
Body: Robes
Special Accessories: Armlets, Chaos Orb

Trading Card Game

Necromancers have appeared once under the Earth element in the FF-TCG series.

10-073C Necromancer

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