Mystic Knight

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Mystic Knight (魔法剣士 [mahou kenshi] or 'magic swordsman' in Japanese) could be thought to be one of the rarest jobs in Final Fantasies at first glance. However, first impressions can be deceiving as this job has also been translated as Spellblade, Spell Fencer, and in older translations as Magic Knight as well. This does bring up the number of times it has been used, although only slightly. Mystic Knight remains rare. In most cases where it appeared, they have worn Near East-inspired clothes complete with turbans and/or veils in white, purple and teal colors. Jobs alike to the Mystic Knight are Red Mage and Rune Fencer, although the job itself is a kind of a combination between a Black Mage and either a Knight or a Fencer.

Mystic Knights are capable of infusing their swords with various spells, giving them elemental affinities and extra damaging capabilities. In some games this ability is given to Red Mages though, so it should not be considered an automatic sign of a Mystic Knight. There is one example of a Mystic Knight to date, Krinjh from 4 Heroes of Light. Aside from him, the white wizard Minwu from FF2 resembles a Mystic Knight in appearance, although not function.

Final Fantasy V


"Able to enchant swords, these magical warriors automatically cast Shell when HP is low"

Mystic Knights function on the basis of using up one turn to give their attacks an elemental/magical affinity. This makes them only good for boss battles, but boss battles is exactly where they can shine. Their stats are average aside from AGI, which is moderately high. Do note that to use a certain Spellblade skill, you must have first purchased the corresponding Black Magic spell.

Unlock: Water Crystal
Command Ability: Spellblade
Innate Abilities: Magic Shell
AP to Master: 680
Bonuses on Mastering (for FRE/MIM): STR, STA, AGI, MAG, Magic Shell


Stat Modifiers
Strength: +14
Agility: +14
Stamina: +14
Magic: +1


Level 1: Magic Shell (10 AP)
Level 2: Spellblade 1 (20 AP)
Level 3: Spellblade 2 (30 AP)
Level 4: Spellblade 3 (50 AP)
Level 5: Spellblade 4 (70 AP)
Level 6: Spellblade 5 (100 AP)
Level 7: Spellblade 6 (400 AP)

Level Abilities
Spellblade 1 Fire Sword, Blizzard Sword, Thunder Sword
Spellblade 2 Poison Sword, Silence Sword, Sleep Sword
Spellblade 3 Fira Sword, Blizzara Sword, Thundara Sword
Spellblade 4 Drain Sword, Break Sword, Bio Sword
Spellblade 5 Firaga Sword, Blizzaga Sword, Thundaga Sword
Spellblade 6 Holy Sword, Flare Sword, Osmose Sword


Weapons: Sword, Dagger
Shield: Yes
Head: Heavy Helmets
Body: Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Special Accessories: Gauntlets

Grimoire of the Rift

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The 4 Heroes of Light

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Job Skill: Spellblade, Type: Normal, Number: 088 (male) / 089 (female)
Gacha: mine with gil, mine with moogle
Pictlogica Reward: 300 gil (male) / 15 red element (female)

Grade II: from Red Mage grade I (Soul of a Brave Man, Blue Drop)
Grade III: from Mystic Knight grade II (Soul of a Brave Man, Magicite Fragment, Blue Drop)

Grade III HP 231, STR 73, INT 31, SPD 71, LCK 21
Physical Affinity: x1.0, Ranged Affinity: x1.0
White Magic Affinity: x0.7, Black Magic Affinity: x0.7, Summon Affinity: x1.0

Weapon: Sword
White Magic: -, Black Magic: -, Summon: -

In Record Keeper


Job: Mystic Knight
Obtain: clear Calm Lands
Obtain Memory Crystal: clear Narshe 2 (Force)
Obtain Memory Crystal II: -

Stat Level 1 Level 50 Level 65 Level 80
HP 108 2,533 3,157
ATK 8 80 102
DEF 6 67 83
MAG 8 76 99
MDEF 6 62 79
MND 6 57 75
ACC 20 22 23
EVA 20 22 23
SPD 76 105 113


Spellblade (Rarity 4)

Limit Break
Level 1 - Magic Shell

Native Record Materia
Limit Break - Spellblade Mastery I
Level 2 - Spellblade Mastery II


Daggers, Swords

Light Armor, Armor, Armlets

Can equip


Mystic Knights have appeared several times under the Lightning and Ice elements in the FF-TCG series.

tcg_3034.jpg tcg_3080.jpg tcg_10095.jpg
3-034C Mystic Knight 3-080C Mystic Knight 10-095C Mystic Knight

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