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Musketeer (銃術士 [juujutsushi] or 'gun master' in Japanese) is a bit of an odd one out when it comes to jobs. While the concept of Musketeer is used in FF14, it has never actually been implemented as a class available to players, despite having been teased for years and years. Musketeers use single-handed guns as their weapon of choice, and as such are very similar to Gunners. Character examples of them include Reyner Hansred from FF14.

Final Fantasy XIV

As mentioned previously in the introduction, while the MSK class has been teased for years now, it has never been made available for players. The class's guild is located in Limsa Lominsa in the Coral Tower, where the Marauder guild was relocated to as of version 2.0. While the guild's influence in the city seems to have waned, it does still have its guild placard at the entrance to the Tower.

There is some speculation that since they added the Machinist job as a standalone instead of branching from MSK, the game has now bypassed the need for a Musketeer class.

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