Mime (ものまね士 [monomaneshi] or 'mime' in Japanese) is one of the rarest jobs in Final Fantasies, having made only two appearances as an actual job in the entire series. All that can be said about mimes is that they appear to like wearing capes. Some rather similar jobs are Mascot and Memorist.
Mimes mimic the abilities previously used by party members. Examples of them are Gogo from FF5 and Gogo from FF6.

Final Fantasy V

"Skilled mimics who can copy allies' actions perfectly"

The usability of the Mimic job depends on how many other jobs you have mastered. They gain stat bonuses and innate abilities from each job you master, making them one of the two strongest jobs come the endgame. They are also the most versatile job, as they have three ability slots you can choose and set yourself.

Unlock: Water Crystal shard
Command Ability: Mime
Innate Abilities: all innates from jobs you have mastered
AP to Master: 999



Stat Modifiers
Strength: highest modifier from jobs you have mastered (max +50 from MNK/GLA)
Agility: highest modifier from jobs you have mastered (max +40 from THF)
Stamina: highest modifier from jobs you have mastered (max +50 from MNK)
Magic: highest modifier from jobs you have mastered (max +60 from OCL)


Mimic has all the innate abilities from jobs you have mastered (aside from Berserk and Undead). In addition, they have Attack as well as three free ability jobs to set any ability you have learned through other jobs.

Level 1: Mimic (999 AP)


Weapons: Dagger, Throwing, Staff, Rod
Shield: Yes
Head: Heavy Helms, Light Helms, Hats
Body: Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Robes
Special Accessories: Gauntlets, Armlets

Final Fantasy Tactics

A warrior who has abandoned his or her own identity, instead mimicking the actions of allies in battle.

Mimic is one of the special jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics. Aside from being hard to unlock, these means that Mimic is always Mastered. It has no abilities to learn.

Unlock: Squire lv8, Chemist lv8, Summoner lv5, Orator lv5, Geomancer lv5, Dragoon lv5
Unlocks: -
Command Ability: -
Innate Abilities: Mimic
JP to Master: 0



Stat Modifications
HP B+, MP D-
Phys Atk B-, Mag Atk C
Phys EVA 5%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 4, Jump 4

Growth Rate for Stats
HP ★★★★★, MP ★
Phys Atk ★★★★★, Mag Atk ★★★★



Note that Mimic has no abilities to learn. They can set reaction, support and movement abilities, but they can learn none of their own.


Weapons: -
Shield: -
Head: -
Body: -


Mimes have appeared a few times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

tcg_1143.jpg tcg_5144.jpg
1-143C Mime 5-144C Mime

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