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Magus (魔人 [majin] or 'magic person' in Japanese) is basically an advanced version of Black Mage rather akin to Black Wizard. They are capable of casting high-level Black Magic more freely than the basic jobs in the games where they appear in, and are recognizable by their black clothing along with a pointed hat with a moon decoration.

Final Fantasy III

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Memoria Type: Normal, Number: 023, 024
Equip: Rod, Rarities: ♦♦ - ♦♦♦♦
Stats (grade I): HP 15-?, STR 1-?, DEF 0, SPD 10-?, INT 15-?, LCK 5-?
Stats (grade II): HP 30-78, STR 4-12, DEF 0, SPD 11-19, INT 21-47, LCK 4-5
Stats (grade III): HP 63-137, STR 9-21, DEF 0, SPD 16-29, INT 38-81, LCK 4-6
Affinities: Physical x0.5, White magic x1.0, Black magic x2.0, Summoning x1.0, Against Flying x1.0

Fusion Items: Purple Drop, Magus Knowledge
Job Change: -
Pictlogica Prize: 200 gil (male), 30 Black Element (female)
Obtain: Let Moogles Explore, Job Change a Black Mage

In Record Keeper


Job: Magus
Obtain: clear Sister Ray
Obtain Memory Crystal: -
Obtain Memory Crystal II: -

Stat Level 1 Level 50 Level 65 Level 80
HP 97 2,073
ATK 5 44
DEF 5 40
MAG 9 101
MDEF 9 90
MND 7 68
ACC 20 22
EVA 20 22
SPD 63 83


Black Magic (Rarity 5)

Soul Break
Level 1 - Compress Black Magic Casting

Native Record Materia
Limit Break - -


Daggers, Rods, Staves

Robes, Armlets

Can equip

Trading Card Game

Maguses have appeared several times under the Fire and Lightning elements in the FF-TCG series.

tcg_1020.jpg tcg_1115.jpg tcg_2080.jpg tcg_5119.jpg
1-020C Magus 1-115C Magus 2-080C Magus 5-119C Magus

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