Lightning Ward

Lightning Ward is a unit type instead of a traditional job. It has been present in only one Final Fantasy so far.

A New Empire

Lightning Wards are a t5 Trap unit. Other traps of the same level are Fire Ward and Ice Ward.


Lightning Wards are weak against Siege Engines, both take and deal out extra damage to Mages, and are just plain weak against Warriors and Cavalry.

Power HP ATK DEF Upkeep Cost Build Time
16 ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ 0 ? ?


Lightning Wards need to be unlocked by researching them at the University.

Lv Effect Cost Time Reward Unlock
1 Unlocks Lightning Ward traps ? ? Hero exp +266,069, Power +61,274 Embassy HP Bonus lv7

Category: Jobs

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