Leatherworker (FF14)


Starting Out

As of version 2.0, you can't start out as a Leatherworker, you must instead unlock the armoury system and then head to Gridania for the first quest.
Below are what you got in your inventory if you created your character as a Leatherworker in version 1.x. The other items and your stats depended on what race and gender you picked.

1.x Starting Equipment
Weapon: Weathered Head Knife
Head: Weathered Coif (Grey)
Body: Weathered Dalmatica (Grey)
Belt: Weathered Tool Belt
Feet: Weathered Jackboots (Taupe)



These are Leatherworker's class quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your class.

Level 2.0+ Quest 1.x Quest
Level 0 Way of the Leatherworker
Level 1 My First Head Knife
Level 5 A Test of Technique
Level 10 Geva's Gambit
Level 15 Working Hells for Leather
Level 20 Aldgoat Everything The Silent Partners
Level 25 Skin in the Game
Level 30 Toadskins of the Father Designer Imposters
Level 35 Lead by Example
Level 36 Head of the Class
Level 40 Brand Loyalty
Level 45 Dissension in the Ranks
Level 50 Accept No Imitations
Turndown Service
Level 53 By Your Bootstraps
Level 55 Perfect Pitch
Level 57 From the Hoplon to the Brume
Level 60 A Winter's Sale


This section lists levequests specific to Leatherworker. While levequests are by no means mandatory, they can greatly ease the leveling process.

1.x Leves
Level 1 - Baderon's New Shoes (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - A Mother's Booties (Gridania)
Level 1 - Momodi's Bargain Boots (Ul'dah)
Level 1 - World-weary Soles (Ul'dah)
Level 1-30 - Strapped for Straps (Gridania)
Level 1-30 - Cord and Orders (Gridania)
Level 1-35 - Training and Tanning (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 5-35 - Fire and Hide (Gridania)
Level 5-35 - Work of Friction (Gridania)
Level 5-40 - Showing Some Leg (Ul'dah)
Level 10-20 - Camp Drybone Cares (Ul'dah)
Level 10-45 - Under Foot (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 10-50 - Back in the Harness (Gridania)
Level 15-40 - Shoeing the Shore (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20 - I Would Walk 500 Malms (Ul'dah)
Level 20-30 - The Mad Tanner (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20-50 - Harnessing Help (Gridania)
Level 40 - Hungry Like the Wolves (Gridania)
Level 50 - Morbol Measures (Gridania)



This section lists the various abilities you can learn as a leatherworker.

Level 2.0+ Abilities 1.22-1.23c Abilities 1.0-1.21 Abilities
Level 1 Basic Synthesis Stone Throw Stone Throw
Level 2 Wrist Flick
Level 5 Basic Touch
Level 7 Master's Mend
Level 9 Steady Hand
Level 10 Wrist Flick
Level 11 Inner Quiet
Level 13 Observe
Level 15 Waste Not Hasty Hand Hasty Hand
Level 18 Standard Touch
Level 20 Brand of Earth Brand of Lightning
Level 21 Great Strides
Level 25 Master's Mend II
Level 30 Bold Endeavor
Inner Quiet
Inner Quiet
Scalekin Eluder
Level 31 Standard Synthesis
Level 35 Bold Endeavor
Level 36 Clean Slate
Level 37 Brand of Earth
Level 40 Supplement
Level 43 Advanced Touch
Level 45 Determination
Level 50 Waste Not II
Collectable Synthesis
Clean Slate
Level 51 Byregot's Brow
Level 53 Precise Touch
Level 54 Name of Earth

In addition to the above, Leatherworker can learn and use the below abilities when it's a specialist class.

Specialist Abilities
Level 55 - Satisfaction, Whistle While You Work
Level 56 - Innovative Touch
Level 57 - Nymeia's Wheel
Level 58 - Byregot's Miracle
Level 59 - Trained Hand
Level 60 - Heart of the Leatherworker

Cross-class Abilities

The following is a list of the cross-class abilities Leatherworker can use.

Disciples of the Hand
Tricks of the Trade
Brand of Water
Comfort Zone
Rapid Synthesis
Brand of Ice
Piece by Piece
Brand of Fire
Ingenuity II
Brand of Wind
Byregot's Blessing
Hasty Touch
Steady Hand II
Flawless Synthesis
Careful Synthesis
Brand of Lightning
Careful Synthesis II


Once on leatherworker, you can learn basic recipes simply by leveling up. All crafting is done via the Crafting Log, where all recipes you've learned can be browsed as well. Note that some recipes may require obtaining and using various recipe books. Below are the currently available alchemy recipes.
In version 1.x, there was no need to learn recipes before using them. You simply placed the appropriate materials into the crafting interface. However, this meant that there was no compilation of recipes to browse, you had to know the right combination of materials to craft anything.

2.0+ Recipes
Level 1-10
Level 11-20
Level 21-30
Level 31-40
Level 41-50
Level 50★-50★★★
Level 51-60
Master I
Master Glamours
Master Demimateria

1.x Recipes
Level 1-10
Level 11-20
Level 21-30
Level 31-40
Level 41-50
Level 51-60

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